The Simple Trick That Transformed My Shower Into a Spa-Like Sanctuary

Instantly upgrade your home shower with this genius necessity.

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Whether you cleanse before bed or prefer an early-morning rinse, your daily get-clean routine probably requires very little thought. Sure, you likely have a tub lined with your preferred scrubs, soaps, and soaks. But like flossing or popping in your contacts every morning, showering is one of those daily to-dos that can quickly become mundane.

In an effort to improve my nightly shower routine, I recently did a quick search on "shower upgrades." Expecting to find suggestions on pricey body scrubs or waterproof speakers, I came across a eucalyptus spray that promised to take my shower experience up to spa-like levels. I'd heard of eucalyptus oil, of course, but a spray? I was willing to give it a try.

The spray—European Spa Source's Eucalyptus ShowerSpa Mist ($29,—arrived in an unassuming 8-ounce bottle, but it quickly became a non-negotiable for my daily shower ritual. It's made from eucalyptus oil that's steam-distilled and 100% pure, and the powerful scent is reminiscent of a luxe steam room.

A little goes a long way. Before turning on the faucet, spray the mist downward at a shower wall. Steam from the hot water allows the mist to slowly rise, creating a spa-like aromatherapy experience without the hefty price tag of spa treatments. The result is a bathroom that smells incredible and can boost even the most drab shower situations.

The benefits of eucalyptus are nothing new, of course. The fragrant oil acts as a natural decongestant to help clear nasal passages, and Real Simple has previously touted the benefits of hanging a fresh bundle of eucalyptus in your shower. (All that's required is a trip to the florist or farmer's market and a bundle of garden twine.)

There's a noticeable shift in my eagerness to hop in the shower when spa-like amenities are involved, and this tiny tweak is a huge game-changer for my nightly routine. Yes, you could spend your cash on a pricey shampoo or luxe body scrub, but you could also invest in this reasonably priced spray, which is well worth the cost.

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