This Boho-Chic Bath Rug Is the Perfect Swap for That Dingy Mat You've Been Wanting to Replace

Washable, too? Say no more.

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Upgraded Boho Bathroom Rug

Bathroom rugs usually aren't the most stylish textiles adorning your home. In most cases, they're a half-hearted purchase, and if we're being honest, all kind of look the same (shaggy chenille, anyone?). But if you're dedicated to a bohemian look throughout your house, you don't have to give up once you reach the bathroom thanks to one rug Amazon shoppers say "was love at first sight."

Earthall's woven bathroom rug is a refreshing twist on the definition of a bathroom rug. The bohemian-inspired diamond pattern and tassels make it comparable in style to the area mats dotted around the rest of your house. But don't let its chic exterior fool you—even after months of exposure to water, grime, and foot traffic, it stays in tip-top shape.

Upgraded Boho Bathroom Rug

To buy: $15 with coupon (was $30);

Because it's woven, it stays tight and held together. And rather than taking the time for tedious hand washes (or just allowing it to get unmanageably dirty), you can toss it into the washing machine—a feature pet parents found to be game changing. This washable bathroom rug doesn't have a rubber or latex backing, meaning nothing can chip away or melt.

And, of course, its looks surpass those of the usual cotton or chenille mat you've seen everywhere. "This little rug is absolutely gorgeous! I'm a shabby chic boho fan to the core, and the beautiful black and white pattern woven into this rug is exactly what I needed to bring my small bath to life," wrote one pleased shopper. "The quality is exceptional. I love that the pattern is woven in, not printed on—and fully reversible … I originally bought a smaller one and loved it so much I bought the larger one, too. Could not be happier!"

And if you really like the look of it, the woven gem comes in six other sizes and three colors, making it a perfect touch for any other space in or around your home. While kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms are the spots of choice for most reviewers, some opted to put theirs outdoors, in mudrooms, and in motorhomes and had an equally pleasant experience.

It's time to dump the boring bath mat that's cramping your style and switch it out for a sturdy and stylish rug that can handle whatever comes its way.

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