The Item Making 'an Incredible Difference' in Shoppers' Hair and Skin Isn't a Formula—It's a Shower Filter

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15 Stage Shower Filter - Shower Head Filter

Most of us have a growing collection of skincare serums, shampoo bottles, and conditioner containers that didn't quite work out. But what your skin and hair need might has nothing to do with your product graveyard, but rather with your bathroom hardware. As multiple Amazon shoppers have found, one shower filter managed to do what many products couldn't.

The gadget responsible for this apparent magic? BWDM's shower head filter. The metal bulb simply screws onto the pipe containing your shower head and strains impurities and harmful chemicals out. The results are noticeable, with many shoppers noting it only took a matter of days to make a difference in their hair, skin, and allergies.

15 Stage Shower Filter - Shower Head Filter

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The 15-stage system is what contributes to those drastic changes that reviewers have experienced. This methodology means that the stream coming out of your shower head goes through many layers of filtration. One of those stages includes a vitamin C section, which fortifies your water with the antioxidant. And its powerful properties are potent—the filter has earned more than 3,200 perfect ratings from pleased customers.

"With the first shower, I could see a difference in my skin," began one reviewer. "It didn't have its usual, dry look and feel, even though I didn't put on lotion right after my shower." They added it took a little bit longer for them to see any major changes with their hair, but after a week, things changed for the better, too. "I am so impressed with the shine and texture of my hair now! It is all around more manageable and attractive. Not kidding—I have had two compliments on the color and shine of my hair since I installed this filter," they wrote.

Even buyers with skin conditions and allergies noticed a remarkable improvement. "I suffer from eczema and this filter has made a significant difference in the amount of flare-ups my skin has had by eliminating a lot of chemicals that were affecting my skin," wrote one person.

They weren't alone, as some noticed that other skin conditions like body acne and flaky scalps were relieved, too, as well as irritation and allergic reactions. As one reviewer mentioned, "From the second day of using this filter, all my allergies went away."

And, as mentioned, your hair will also reap the benefits, whether dryness, discoloration, tangles, or dullness is the problem. A shopper dealing with "hair issues" explained that their "hair texture is finally back to normal." An additional person described, "It has made an incredible difference; my skin no longer feels all 'coated' and it's been great for my hair color."

It might be time to rethink your skincare and hair care routines, and implement a shower filter that can alleviate the annoyances your serums and lotions just won't seem to fix. Test the waters with BWDM's shower filter while it's on sale for nearly 50 percent off.

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