The 7 Best Bath Mats of 2023 to Upgrade Your Bathroom

We like L.L. Bean's Premium Cotton Bath Mat because it's super absorbent and it gets the job done.

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Bath mats may seem like an insignificant part of your bathroom, but they're actually very practical. Not only do they provide an absorbent, comfortable surface to prevent you from slipping when you get out of the shower, but they can also pull the room together and make it feel more spa-like.

To find the best bath mats, we thoroughly researched the market and analyzed the most promising options based on style, material, price, and method of care. We made sure to include multiple types—including memory foam and wood options—and various price points on our list. For tips on how to maximize the life of your bath mat, we consulted Jessica Samson, a cleaning expert at The Maids.

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Best Overall Bath Mat

L.L. Bean Premium Cotton Bath Mat

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Who it's for: People who need a straightforward bath mat that's highly absorbent.

Who it isn't for: People looking to make a statement with their bath mat.

This L.L. Bean bath mat is a great choice all around. It's made of ultra-absorbent, super plush cotton—so if you're the type of person to step out of the shower while soaking wet, this is the bath mat for you. And since the backing is sprayed with latex, this mat is also successfully non-slip. It features a simple flattened weave around the edge that adds a decorative touch, and it comes in two sizes and four simple colors to suit a variety of bathrooms. (There's even a matching towel set if you'd like to coordinate all the linens in your bathroom.)

Best of all, this plush cotton bath mat is both machine-washable and dryable—although air drying will extend its lifespan. This makes it very easy to maintain, especially since bath mats are prone to mildew and mold growth. While the color in many cotton products can diminish over time, this bath mat has colorfast technology to preserve its hues. The only downside of this product is that it sheds quite a bit of lint at first, but this will reduce after a few wash cycles.

Price at time of publish: From $50

Material: Cotton | Size: 21 x 34 to 27 x 44 inches | Care: Machine-washable

Best Budget Bath Mat

Sonoro Kate Non-Slip Bath Mat



Who it's for: People who love the feeling of a plush mat underfoot.

Who it isn't for: People looking for a sleek, high-end design.

Because bath mats sit in damp bathroom environments—and often get soaked during regular use—they are hotbeds of mold and mildew. That means they need to be washed often to prevent gross odors. But if you're the type of person who's a little lax on cleaning the bathroom, consider buying an inexpensive bath mat like this one from Sonoro Kate, which can be replaced at a reasonable price as soon as it starts getting a little too stinky or worn.

This budget-friendly bath mat is extremely plush thanks to the shag-like texture of its deep polyester pile. It's not a particularly sleek design, but it is very comfortable underfoot. It also absorbs water well and protects your feet from cold floors. The backing is made of PVC mesh to help prevent slips, but the manufacturer does recommend using it on dry floors—the mesh doesn't have the best grip on wet surfaces. It comes in four sizes and 11 color options ranging from neutral beige to royal purple.

Price at time of publish: From $15

Material: Polyester | Size: 17 x 24 to 44 x 26 inches | Care: Machine-washable

Best Splurge Bath Mat

Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug

Frontgate Resort Skid-Resistant Bath Rug


Who it's for: People who want a luxurious option with plenty of color options.

Who it isn't for: People who don't want an extra-plush bath mat.

If you want your bathroom to feel more like a hotel bath or a spa, this luxurious bath mat from Frontgate will help you achieve that goal. Your feet will sink right into the extraordinarily plush fabric, which is an impressive 1.8 inches deep. The high pile is made from long-staple cotton, which is a material known for being extra soft—and it only gets better every time you wash it. Plus, the back is treated with latex to prevent skidding. Not only is this product great next to your shower or bathtub—a timeless decor element in any bathroom—but it also works well in front of your sink.

Most impressively, this bath mat comes in a whopping 22 different colors (which are specially dyed to prevent color fading) and four different sizes, including a runner that can span the length of a bathtub. We also appreciate Frontgate's generous warranty: You can return the product for a full refund up to 90 days after purchase, or get a replacement within a year if the product gets damaged or if you're unhappy with the color or size.

Price at time of publish: From $59

Material: Cotton | Size: 21 x 34 inches, 24 x 40 inches, 30 x 50 inches, 30 x 72 inches | Care: Machine-washable

Best Memory Foam Bath Mat

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat


Who it's for: People who want a bath mat that comes in bright colors or patterns.

Who it isn't for: People who want a quick-drying product.

Memory foam isn't just for mattresses and pillows—there are memory foam bath mats, too. This one from Genteele feels quite soft beneath your feet, which explains why many people enjoy using it not only in bathrooms, but also in front of kitchen sinks. (If you stand in one spot on a hard floor for a long time, a springy surface like this mat helps relieve stress in your feet, knees, and hips.)

This particular bath mat stands out for two reasons: its reasonable price and its myriad of design and size options. There are 27 colors and patterns in total, including solids, strips, and even an adorable duck pattern that's ideal for a child's bathroom. It also comes in eight different sizes to fit any space. (Just note that some colors come in fewer sizes than others.)

The biggest downside to memory foam mats is that while they're super absorbent, they do take longer to dry than their cotton counterparts. If it's used too frequently, it might feel like you're stepping into a puddle. Fortunately, this bath mat can be dried (and washed) in a machine, which you may want to do regularly to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Price at time of publish: From $30

Material: Polyurethane foam, velvet cover | Size: 17 x 24 to 72 x 24 inches | Care: Machine-washable

Best Wood Bath Mat

The Citizenry Hinoki Wood Bath Mat



Who it's for: People who want a low-maintenance yet supremely stylish bath mat.

Who it isn't for: People on a budget.

Even though wood isn't plush like softer materials, it still makes a solid bath mat. It's far less likely to grow mildew and mold, which makes it ideal for people who want a low-maintenance product. This particular bath mat from The Citizenry is definitely on the pricier side, but it's an artisan-made piece. It's produced by hand over the course of a week by a small fair trade workshop in Okawa, Japan, a city known for its hinoki cypress furniture.

The wood, which is native to Japan, is soft by wood standards, making it comfortable to step on when getting out of the bathtub or shower. It also emits a soothing aroma that makes your bathroom smell like a spa.

In terms of maintenance, all you need to do is wipe the wooden mat down with a wet cloth once in a while. The manufacturer also recommends wiping it dry after use, as well as keeping it out of direct sunlight to help preserve its natural light color. Keep in mind that long-term exposure to sunlight may darken the wood.

Price at time of publish: From $155

Material: Cypress wood | Size: 24.4 x 17.75 inches or 35.4 x 22 inches | Care: Wipe with damp cloth

Best Decorative Bath Mat

Morrow Modern Abstract Bath Mat



Who it's for: People who want to make a design statement with their bath mat.

Who it isn't for: People who need a bath mat in a non-standard size.

Not a fan of boring bath mats? This one from Morrow has an abstract, linear pattern in soothing earth tones, which creates a more visually appealing look than straightforward, towel-like bath mats. In fact, it's so well-designed that it looks like it could double as wall art. The bath mat was designed in Los Angeles by a sustainably-minded duo with backgrounds in fashion and architecture, and each one is crafted by hand in India. The geometric-patterned, highly textured bath mat comes in both sage and lilac hues and features a plush, 100 percent cotton pile for a luxurious feel.

The only negative is that this bath mat only comes in two sizes—a standard mat and a runner—so it doesn't provide much flexibility in terms of space. And even though it's handmade, this bath mat is still machine-washable, so maintenance is a breeze. We do advise air-drying it to preserve the color and quality, but the manufacturer does say you can tumble dry it on low.

Price at time of publish: From $70

Material: Cotton | Size: 21 x 34 inches or 21 x 60 inches | Care: Machine-washable

Best Bath Runner

Threshold Signature Bath Rug

Threshold Signature Bath Rug


Who it's for: People who want a low-lint bath rug that spans the length of their tub.

Who it isn't for: People who would prefer one made with cotton.

A bath runner is different from a bath mat in size only—both products are designed to be used next to a bathtub or shower to absorb water, but a bath runner spans the full length of a tub or shower (or close to it). This pick from Target's Threshold brand actually comes in standard bath mat sizes as well as a 60-inch-long runner.

It's made from microfiber for a soft, velvety feel, and it's quick-drying, too. And, of course, it has a non-slip latex backing. The bath runner, which is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, comes in 10 neutral colors that range from dark gray to light mauve, but not every option is available in all sizes. Its standout quality is that it's a low-lint bath mat, so there's no need to worry about little bits of lint getting stuck to your feet after your shower. Plus, it's treated to be stain-resistant, which makes it easier to keep in good shape.

Price at time of publish: From $22

Material: Polyester microfiber | Size: 21 x 34 inches (standard) to 24 x 60 inches (runner) | Care: Machine-washable

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the L.L. Bean Premium Cotton Bath Mat, which stands out for its excellent absorbency, plush feel, and range of color options. It also has a latex backing to help prevent slipping, plus comes in two sizes and four colors. It's slightly pricier than the cheapest bath mats, but it's a high-quality product that'll last a long time.

How to Shop for Bath Mats Like a Pro


When shopping for a bath mat, one of the most important factors to consider is the material. Cotton is the most common material used in bath mats, as it's highly absorbent and dries easily. But there are also bath mats made out of synthetic materials like polyester chenille or microfiber, which also absorb water but feel softer than cotton. Wood is another material that's common among bath mats, but it's typically very expensive. Although wood isn't absorbent compared to fabrics, it provides a non-slip surface that's more resistant to mold and mildew.


Bath mats are often rectangular, and they come in different sizes. Measure your bathroom floor before purchasing a bath mat to make sure that it will fit. For best results, a bath mat should lay flat against your tub or shower. If you want something that spans the entire length of your bathtub, consider purchasing a longer bath runner.


Bath mats need to be washed frequently, as they are prone to growing mold and mildew. Figure out whether your bath mat is machine-washable or if it needs to be washed by hand. Machine washing can shorten the lifespan of a bath mat, but it's much more convenient than hand washing, which is a much gentler process.

Questions You Might Ask

How do you wash a bath mat?

There are two methods of cleaning fabric bath mats: by hand and in a washing machine. You should always check your product's care label to determine which method you should use. Either way, Samson suggests starting out with a good shake. "Beat the bath mat outside and loosen all of the dirt and hair that has accumulated on the bath mat," she says. "Then assess any stains on the bath mat and use a stain remover to remove the stains."

If you're washing by hand, fill a large container (one big enough to hold your bath mat) with cold water, add detergent, and submerge your bath mat in the mixture. "Let soak for 30 minutes, then agitate the bath mat in the solution with your hands for one to two minutes," says Samson. "Then let the bath mat dry outside until dry."

If you're using a washing machine, run it on a gentle cycle while cleaning your bath mat. Even though some manufacturers claim their bath mats can be tumble-dried, Samson recommends otherwise. "Avoid putting the bath mat in the dryer machine as it will break away the rubber backing of the mat," she says. "Line drying is the preferred method of drying the mat once washed."

How often should you wash a bath mat?

Because bath mats are a soft material in a wet environment, they can quickly grow mold and mildew—and that's why you should wash your bath mat regularly. "The more you clean your bath mat, the fresher your bathroom will smell and the cleaner your bathroom will be," says Samson.

A good starting point is washing your bath mat every two weeks, but this recommendation can vary based on how often your bath mat is used and how wet it gets each time. "If you frequently step on the mat when wet, you will want to wash your bath mat every week," Samson adds. "If your bath mat stays relatively dry, you can get away with cleaning it once a month."

Where should you put a bath mat?

The best place to put a bath mat is on the bathroom floor next to your tub or shower, precisely where you step out once you're finished bathing. But you can also consider placing bath mats elsewhere in your bathroom, like in front of your vanity to make it more comfortable for your feet when you're brushing your teeth or applying skincare products.

Take Our Word for It

This article was written by Stefanie Waldek, a contributing writer for Real Simple with seven years of experience writing about home topics and three years of experience reviewing products. To come up with these recommendations, Stefanie spent hours researching bath mats and ultimately narrowed down the list based on style, price, and material. She also tapped cleaning expert Jessica Samson of The Maids for tips on how to care for your bath mat.

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