Hands down, the simplest way to update a small bathroom. 

By Katie Holdefehr
February 12, 2018

If your current bathroom feels far from spa-like, but your next remodel is still a few years away, the easiest way to update the room is to buy a new shower curtain. Most shower curtains measure about five feet long and run from floor to ceiling—so they take up a significant amount of visual space. Especially in a small room, the curtain is likely the largest thing in the space. Luckily, this one element is also the easiest to switch out (it takes less than five minutes) and there are plenty of options at affordable prices.

Choose from the pretty patterned curtains below, then invest in a mildew-resistant liner ($11, amazon.com) that will keep the curtain looking fresh for longer. You’ll have to replace your shower curtain less often, so you’ll get the most out of this micro bathroom makeover.

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