9 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas That Can Make the Bathroom Your Prettiest Room

Bring a backsplash to your bathroom with ideas from these gorgeous, spa-like spaces.

Bathroom backsplash ideas - wallpaper, peel and stick backsplash with a bathroom sink
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Backsplashes may be the unsung heroes of the bathroom design world. These wall covers can completely change the look and feel of a room, and like barn doors for bathrooms, they’re multitaskers—they protect the wall from water damage at the same time. Like kitchen backsplashes, bathroom backsplashes can be almost any type of material and take on almost any shape. They can contribute to the floor-to-ceiling bathroom tile trend, or they can be a standalone strip of accent tile.

They can even handle even edgier style choices, such as just covering the wall space directly behind the sink. This utilitarian, near-industrial decision would pair well with the exposed pipe shower trend.

With so much variety, though, comes a difficult situation: How can an average homeowner (or renter, thanks to peel-and-stick backsplashes) even hope to make a bathroom pop with the just-right arrangement of bathroom tiles? How does one decide if this bathroom décor idea should go just behind the bathroom sink or vanity, the traditional spot for a bathroom backsplash, or if it should extend all the way around the room?

Fortunately, as these bathroom backsplash ideas prove, there’s no wrong decision. Paired with gorgeous tile floors, curated mirrors, and clever storage solutions, bathroom backsplashes can guide the aesthetic direction of a room—and give even a small bathroom a powerful dose of style and sophistication. After all, what else is there to cover the wall space in a bathroom?

Gather up some bathroom décor inspo with these bathroom backsplash ideas, and then start making some decisions. What kind of material would be best? Where should the backsplash extend to? What color family should be your guide? Whatever the final look, every guest will admire this high-impact bathroom update.

Blue Backsplash

Blue and white stone tiles pop against gold accents in this glam bathroom.

Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

A little peel-and-stick magic can mimic the elegant penny tile look, sans difficult installation process.

Wallpaper Backsplash

In a compact bathroom, a high-powered accent wall (that can always double as a bathroom backsplash) packs a major visual punch.

Subway Tile Backsplash

White subway tile paired with white grout makes for a clean, fresh-feeling bathroom.

Black Backsplash

Small-scale black tiles surrounded by large-scale elements (a mirror, a vessel sink, a floating vanity, etc.) introduces gorgeous contrast to any space.

Cement Tile Backsplash

A bold tile pattern can serve as a chic focal point in an otherwise simple bathroom.

Brick Backsplash

White-washed brick—or brick of any color—can lend a rustic, cozy feel to any bathroom.

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