10 Little Ways to Redecorate Your Home Without Buying Anything—or Leaving Your House

Update your decor, without spending a dime.

Did you know that a mini home makeover can be achieved without leaving the house or buying anything new? There's never been a better time to shop your home and play with rearranging your furniture and decor for a fresh look. You may just find that you already own everything you need for a serious upgrade.

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Rearrange your living room.

If you and your family are bored with your living room, it may be time to rearrange the furniture. For optimal TV viewing, angle the sofa and side chairs so every spot feels like the best seat in the house. If you're trying to discourage too much screen watching, position the chairs to make the coffee table (a perfect spot to lay out a board game or puzzle) the focal point.

To make the space as cozy as possible, you may need to pull side chairs, blankets, and pillows from other rooms. Soft textiles will amp up the comfort.

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Bring the outdoors in.

Consider introducing a natural element to your home. Collect a bundle of fresh flowers from your yard or greenery from a recent hike to bring in a touch of nature.

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Shop your home for accessories.

Tired of looking at the same decor from your regular spot on the sofa? Shop the other rooms in your home for vases, decorative objects, and art. The simple act of taking the candlesticks from the dining room table and moving them to the living room TV console can make them feel new again.

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Sort through your storage.

If you have an attic or garage that's full of furniture, paintings, and old books, you might not even know what treasures you already own. Take a peek in your storage space—and if you have kids, they might love to join the excursion. Style is cyclical and trends often come back, so the "outdated" furniture or accessories you once relegated to the basement may be in fashion again. Dust them off and work them into your decor.

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Upgrade your headboard.

Arrange a blanket or tapestry over your headboard to instantly update it. If you don't have a headboard, add one. Make a DIY headboard with a small jar of paint and a sheet of plywood. Try painting a rectangle, semi-circle, or a circle behind the head of your bed.

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Rethink your windows.

If you spend any time staring out the window, why not make it a comfy perch? Create a window seat by pulling an upholstered bench under the window, or repositioning a cozy side chair.

To let the light in, make sure your windows aren't being blocked by furniture or decor. And consider making a curtain tie-back out of ribbon or a scrap of fabric.

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Introduce some mood lighting.

If the overhead lighting in your home feels a little harsh, consider rearranging the table and floor lamps. Shaded lamps often diffuse the softest light, creating a cozy vibe, so add one to the living room and other spaces where you spend the most time.

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Restyle your shelves.

Try this trick for any room that needs a quick refresh: Remove everything from the shelves. Dust off each one, starting with the top and working your way down. Then replace everything in a new arrangement. If you haven't touched these knick-knacks in months (or even years), this mini move can change the entire room.

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Refresh your sofa.

Is now a good time to switch out the alternate throw pillow covers or blankets? Then do it!

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Organize your kitchen counters.

If your countertop is cluttered, try this tray trick. If you have a storage tray (or maybe a serving tray hiding in a kitchen cabinet?) pull it out. Use it to corral everything from mail to medicine bottles. And when it overflows, it's time to cull your collection.

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