4 Cozy Winter Decor Trends (for Those Who Plan to Stay Inside Until Spring)

Nesting is officially in style this season.

Home Decor Trends Winter 2020: terra cotta sofa
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When the winter season arrives, warm and comforting home decor becomes essential to many people's wishlists. According to Justina Blakeney, Target Home Style Expert and founder of Jungalow, the top home decor trends for winter 2020/2021 reflected this. During this nesting season, Blakeney recommends using natural materials, soothing scents, and warm hues to create a calm and cozy sanctuary. No major makeover is necessary. Focus on accents like blankets and low-cost, big-impact features like paint to design a home you won't mind hibernating in.

Natural Materials

Casaluna Linen Duvet

"I expect to see the use of a lot of natural materials like wood, cotton, and hemp in the winter," says Blakeney. "Chunky knitted blankets, cozy throws, and lots of textile layering will definitely add warmth and coziness to the home in the colder months."

To get the look, layer a knitted cotton throw over your linen duvet or keep textured blankets in a basket beside the sofa, so they're ready for movie marathons.

Comforting Scents

"Scent can really affect the feeling you have when you enter a home or a room," explains Blakeney. After a turbulent year, she suggests picking scents that support our well-being. "Lavender is a classic, timeless scent known for its calming properties. I imagine it will remain a staple scent in households that are looking for ways to invite more peaceful vibes, especially in bedrooms. Earthy scents like myrrh, frankincense, and sandalwood are great for the winter because they are grounding, promote balance, and are the next best thing if you (like me) don't have a fireplace to cozy up next to!"

Warm, Earthy Hues

Clay Color Trend Winter 2020

The American Southwest and clay colorway inspired Blakeney for this  Casaluna bedding line and bedroom makeover. This winter, warm, earthy colors like clay, terracotta, and burnt umber are trending.

Introduce these hues in small touches—throw pillows, blankets, or pots for your houseplants—to lend a warm, cozy vibe to the room.

Multi-Functional Furniture

"Our homes aren't just our homes anymore. They are also classrooms, offices, and gyms, and with that comes a lot more stuff." To allow our homes to fulfill all of these purposes, space-saving, multi-functional furniture is key. Pieces like storage ottomans and storage benches provide cozy spots to perch, as well as built-in storage.

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