Find one-of-a-kind wall decor no one else will have.

By Katie Holdefehr
July 08, 2020
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When you're putting the finishing touches on your home decor, finding the perfect wall art is often one of the last tasks to get checked off the to-do list. Art is not only an investment, but it can also be very personal, making it difficult to find pieces that resonate with you and match your individual style. If this rings true, then check out these amazing sources for custom wall art. Here, you'll find personalized line drawings of your family, or a map that reminds you of your favorite vacation, or the night sky captured on the night you got engaged. This custom wall art will help tell your story—plus they make wonderful, personalized gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and more.

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Custom star map wall art print
Credit: The Night Sky / @maddiebroderick

The Night Sky

The night you first fell in love. The night your child was born. The night you moved into your new place. You can celebrate all of these milestones and moments with a custom star map from the catalog of stars taken by the Hipparcos space-based telescope. Just enter the night and location to see your story written in the stars—then customize with quotes or a personalized love note. 

To buy: From $50,

Elevation Map of Mount St. Helens, Ramble Maps
Credit: Ramble Maps

Ramble Maps

Want to always remember your trip to Mount St. Helens? Looking for a wedding present for the couple who climbed Mount Shasta together? Order one of Ramble Maps' elevation maps. You would never guess that these beautiful maps are actually 2D, since they reveal the landscape in remarkable detail, thanks to data captured using LiDAR sensors. Once displayed on the wall, these maps make for eye-catching conversation pieces. 

Choose from 29 different mountains and cascade volcanoes, and 4 different material options. 

To buy: From $79,

Mapiful map poster of Brooklyn in hanging frame
Credit: Mapiful


Whether it's the city you currently live in, the one you visited last year, or the location on your travel bucket list, Mapiful will turn a map of the city into customized wall art. Based in Stockholm, they ship worldwide, making this a great gift idea for birthdays and anniversaries. 

To buy: From $59,

Monica Gonzalez Art

Transform your most cherished memories into elegant line drawings. This Etsy shop will turn wedding pictures, baby photos, and snaps from your camera roll into wall-worthy works of art. For those with a minimalist sense of style, this is the ultimate way to display those beloved family photos. 

To buy: From $36,

Credit: Society6


Not only is Society6 one of our go-to sources for affordable wall art, but once you find a design you love, you can pick from a wide range of mediums. A marketplace for independent artists, Society6 lets you choose to have the artwork displayed in a frame, printed on a tapestry (like the one shown here), made into a T-shirt, phone case, or even a face mask. 

To buy:

Alena Berger Art

Bookmark this Etsy shop for the next time a friend buys a new home! Choose from a house portrait drawn using colored pencils or painted with watercolors. You can even order a custom return address stamp for all of their future mail. 

To buy: From $190 for drawing,


For a personalized accent wall guaranteed to spark conversation, let WeMontage turn your family photos into removable wallpaper. Order it to celebrate a major wedding anniversary, to decorate your child's bedroom, or to deck out a dorm room.

Bonus: It's removable, so you can leave this custom wall art up for as long as you like, yet remove it without a trace. 

To buy: From $90,

West & Willow

If your fur babies are the most important members of your family, let them be the stars of your gallery wall. Simply send in your favorite photo of Fido and Fluffy, and the digital illustrators at West & Willow will turn it into a work of art. Be sure to consult their photo guidelines to get the best results possible. 

To buy: $100 for two-pet portrait,

Kid's artwork in gold foil


Is your petite Picasso going through a blue phase that doesn't quite fit with your home's neutral color palette? Let Minted turn their artwork into a gold foil masterpiece set in a sophisticated frame. 

You can also choose from letterpress options in 20 different colors. And check out their stylish house portraits

To buy: From $104 for foil-pressed,

Credit: Le Papier Studio

Le Papier Studio

Send in photos of your family members or pets, and artist Vana Chupp will craft them into original silhouette art. Our recommendation: order several silhouettes so you can arrange a complete gallery wall of these special works of art. 

To buy: From $30,