10 Cool Alarm Clocks

If you have to get up early, you’ll want one of these unique alarm clocks to be the one to wake you.


Cube LED Alarm Clock

Photo by uncommongoods.com

On the surface, this streamlined clock looks like a decorative accent piece. But clap your hands and an easy-to-read digital clock appears on the surface of the natural wood cube.

To buy: $32, uncommongoods.com.


Flip Alarm Clock

Photo by momastore.org

It’ll take a little extra effort to shut off this bold alarm clock (that’s a good thing when you’d really rather snooze): Pick up the entire device and flip it upside down in order to shut off the sound.

To buy: $45, amazon.com.


Mini Bell Alarm Clock

Photo by kikkerland.com

This micro-sized alarm clock (it’s just 4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall) is easy to tote along during your travels, so you’ll never need to schedule a wake up call again. Available in six bright, bold colors.

To buy: $9, kikkerland.com.


Oliver Hemming City Acrylic Alarm Clock With Rainbow Dial

Photo by bedbathandbeyond.com

With so much more to offer than a stylish design, this sleek yet playful clock features an alarm that gradually gets louder for a gentle—but still effective—stirring.

To buy: $40, bedbathandbeyond.com.


Quirky Nimbus Customizable Clock

Photo by amazon.com

If you like to hit the ground running, this high-tech clock features an alarm to wake you, as well as a dashboard with four programmable screens. Sync your mobile device and select what’s displayed—weather, stock tickers, email, calendar appointments, social media alerts, and more.

To buy: $64, amazon.com.


LEGO Star Wars Stormtrooper Minifigure Clock

Photo by lego.com

With a favorite action figure sounding the alarm, you won’t have any trouble rousing sleepy kids. The clock is digital, so little ones can easily tell time. Available in 12 additional characters.

To buy: $25, jcpenney.com.


Philips Wake Up Light

Photo by amazon.com

If you can’t sleep in until the sun naturally wakes you, this clever clock might just be the next best thing. The light on the face mimics the yellow light of the sunrise and gradually increases in brightness until your designated wake-up time, when a gentle beep makes sure you stir.

To buy: $70, amazon.com.


Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Photo by amazon.com

For night owls who need a lot of help getting out of bed, this clock does its best to make sure you never miss a morning meeting again. At the designated time, it’ll roll right off of your nightstand until you get out of bed to find and silence it.

To buy: $49, amazon.com.


Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Photo by itunes.apple.com

Do you ever wonder why you’re so tired even though you got plenty of sleep the night before? This clever app aims to combat that feeling, by waking you up slowly (over the course of 30 minutes) during the lightest phase of your sleep cycle.

To buy: $1, itunes.com.


The Snooze Alarm Dock

Photo by thegrommet.com

Just because your iPhone is your go-to alarm doesn’t mean you have to forgo a formal spot on your nightstand. Before bed, simply slip your phone inside this sleek dock and it’s transformed into a traditional-looking clock with a big snooze button. Bonus: The dock helps corral and conceal charging cords.

To buy: For a similar product, $40, go to amazon.com.