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9 Genius Pieces of Furniture From Amazon That Secretly Have Other Uses

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Ever since the pandemic upended most aspects of daily life, many people have adapted to a blurred lifestyle where homes are also offices, gyms, schools, restaurants, and bars. Not to mention the fact that pajamas are now often interchangeable with professional attire. If you think about it, convertible furniture—pieces that transform from one thing to the next depending on the day or even the hour—is merely an extension of this mindset. So, we're embracing multifunctional finds that make even the smallest of spaces feel larger and more efficient.

The first type of convertible furniture that might come to mind is the humble futon, but there are scores of other home goods that serve multiple purposes to save space and money that you've probably never even thought of before. For instance, you can find coffee tables that extend into couch-side desks, end tables that are also storage baskets, countertops that flip out to become full kitchen tables, and ottomans that can shapeshift into lounge chairs.

No matter how few square feet you're working with, there are smart pieces of furniture that will work harder for your space. It's all about finding multifunctional items that suit your style and needs, and there are thousands of hidden gems on Amazon that are sure to make your home feel bigger than it really is. While some larger furnishings cost a few hundred dollars, you can shop other genius storage solutions for less than $50, so there's an upgrade for just about every budget.

Ahead, check out nine pieces of convertible furniture that all tiny-home dwellers need to know about. They're stylish, efficient, and reasonably priced.

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Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon


You might associate futons with college dorm rooms and first apartments, but they're a smart addition to any small space. This one from Novogratz has a mid-century modern look and swiftly transforms from a sofa to a bed. It's made of easy-to-clean linen upholstery, a durable wooden frame, and a polyester and foam filling for comfort. Plus, nearly 3,000 Amazon shoppers give it a five-star rating.


Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

$172 (was $190),

Both a coffee table and a desk, this convertible piece of furniture was practically made for the work-from-home lifestyle. It offers a large workspace you can utilize from the couch along with additional hidden storage space beneath the lift-top surface. The best part? At first glance it simply looks like a rustic wooden coffee table.


Allewie Queen Platform Bed Frame


This platform bed frame contains four secret storage drawers to hold spare clothes, shoes, bedding, and other items out of sight. It has a classic style with a tufted headboard and foundation, and Amazon shoppers say it's great for small spaces.


2x4 Basics Flip-Top Bench Table


Convertible furniture isn't just for indoor spaces; it can work well outdoors, too. For example, this bench flips open to form a table that's just the thing for tight backyards or porches. Pro tip: Order two benches to create a larger picnic table when both are opened and set up side-by-side if you have the room for it.


Lavish Home Convertible Round Metal Basket Side Tables


This set of two nesting end tables takes stylish storage to the next level. Not only can the metal baskets hold spare items like throw blankets, pillows, and toys, but they can also function as side tables in two different ways. The included lids can secure to either the top or bottom of the baskets, creating two distinct shapes to fit your style and storage needs. And if you want to save even more space, you can stack one on top of the other Russian doll style.


Winsome Suzanne Kitchen Space Saver Set

$176 (was $259),

If you don't have room for a traditional dining table in your kitchen, this three-piece set is a great option. It comes with two barstools and a rolling cart with an extendable table-top and drawers. You can set it up flush against the wall and open the top halfway or fully extend the drop leaf to create more countertop space. Moreover, the stools tuck under the table for compact storage when they're not in use.


Vonanda Leather Ottoman Sleeper Bed


This artificial leather number is as versatile as it gets. Four pieces of furniture in one, it converts from an ottoman to a chair to a bed to a lounger with ease. Amazon shoppers call it "amazing" and one says it's "the smartest furniture purchase I have made."


SEI Furniture Fold-Out Convertible Desk

$130 (was $250),

Designed for cramped rooms, this wall-mounted desk efficiently utilizes vertical space to create a workstation seemingly out of thin air. The fold-out desk has a latch that will keep it closed when it's not in use, but when you're ready to work, you can open it up to reveal a compact desk with plenty of shelves for supplies and knickknacks. Just pull up a chair and you've got an instant office.


Bella & Leo Storage Ottoman with Tray


This affordable piece of furniture converts from a storage bench to a coffee table with the flip of its lid. No matter how you set it up, it offers spacious storage for shoes, spare bedding, toys, or other clutter on the inside. Then, it's up to you to place the double-sided lid with the faux wood surface face up or down, creating a simple table or bench that can hold up to 550 pounds.