It will be for sale on QVC this week.

By Sarah Yang
September 25, 2017

Did you know that Catherine Zeta-Jones is not only a talented Academy Award-winning actress, but she’s also a skilled seamstress? The Welsh-born actress says sewing is in her blood. “I can sew, my mom used to design—she was a seamstress, and my great-grandmother used to make lace lingerie by hand for wealthy people,” Zeta-Jones told Real Simple. “My mother used to make all the curtains in my home and reupholstered chairs. So I was brought up in it.” Zeta-Jones told us she’s even made her own duvet covers and pillowcases.

With an eye for design and her sewing background, it’s no surprise that Zeta-Jones has gotten into the lifestyle business with her new home decor line, Casa Zeta-Jones, which launches on September 27th on QVC. “To create a world where it was beautiful, comfortable, inviting, glamorous—without being precious, luxurious, without being untouchable—it’s something I’ve done in my own home for many years,” she says. “Some of my earliest designs and ideas I sketched when my son was in my tummy—that was 17 years ago. So I’ve been looking for where to place this idea and all the work I’ve been doing all these years.”

The new collection is elegant, with jacquard and lace-like patterns, and sumptuous textiles including faux fur. It’s all very accessible and designed for everyday life, too—Zeta-Jones was adamant that nothing be dry-clean-only. “I want all my stuff to be able to go in the washing machine and in the dryer,” she says. “Who has time to iron? I don’t. Who has time to dry-clean or the money to dry-clean every time you sleep on something?”

The actress says she had so much fun throughout the design and manufacturing process that she’s not sure she's stopping with this line. Her next dream venture? Furniture.

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the collection below, and start shopping at on September 27th.

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