This Adjustable Floor Chair Makes Working From Home So Much Comfier

Goodbye, lower back pain.

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bonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair

As a subletter in a fully furnished apartment, I refuse to invest in expensive homeware. But after seven months of sitting on a flimsy ottoman in front of my desk, I had to admit that my work-from-home setup deserved an upgrade.

The Bonvivo Easy II Padded Floor Chair was the answer to my concerns. It sits perfectly on top of my ottoman, bed, or even the floor, providing all the back support I need without the hassle—or price—of a clunky office chair.

The floor chair consists of a sturdy metal base lined with padding and plush, suede-like fabric. That makes it both strong enough to support my body and super comfy. Its backrest easily adjusts to six angles, from 180 degrees (entirely flattened) to an upright 90, which is what I use while working. The in-between options are ideal for moments when I prefer to lean back and take a load off (see: Netflix binges and reading for pleasure).

I chose the pink version because that's who I am, but subtle colors like beige, blue, and gray are also available.

bonVIVO Easy II Padded Floor Chair

To buy: $55;

Though it's marketed as a meditation chair, the Bonvivo Easy II can serve any number of purposes. For now, I only use mine at home, but I know it would feel great on top of a blanket at a picnic. When I can safely attend sports games again, it'll save me from the pain of sitting on cold, hard bleachers. And since it's easy to fold up and carry, I plan to take it into the office when the time comes.

The floor chair can pick up debris depending on where I use it, but cleanup is simple. Usually, I only need to run a lint roller over the surface to restore its original beauty. The few times I've spilled something on it, dabbing with a wet sponge and dish soap took out the stains in minutes.

You can buy the Bonvivo Easy II Padded Floor Chair for just $55 on Amazon. If you struggle to find comfort in your home office, it could be your perfect match.

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