Get your living room into peak Netflix marathon mode.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated September 30, 2019
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If your fall and winter plans involve many hours (and hours) of Netflix binge-watching, now's the time to redecorate your living room for maximum comfort. To start, consider the layout of the space to make it as cozy as possible. Whether you plan to binge-watch solo or invite over the entire The Crown fan club, make sure each seat has a clear view. Then, ensure that the essentials—remotes, snacks, drinks—are all conveniently within reach. Add on some comfy extras like spare blankets and throw pillows should you need them. And voila, your all-weekend-long binge-watching session just got exceptionally cozy.

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To avoid having everyone fight over the best binge-watching spot, make every seat as cozy and conveniently situated as possible. The ultimate solution: a spacious sectional sofa (here are some favorites, including the Article sofa above) that lets several people sit front and center—or provides enough room for a couple to sprawl out.

Not ready to splurge on a sectional (or don't have the space for one)? Opt instead for a couple ottomans that will let you lounge while binge-watching, yet can be relocated to another room when not in use. Bonus points for ottomans with hidden storage for blankets

To make sure each seat is at the best angle, take a turn in each one. If sitting in one spot for 30 minutes starts to make your neck hurt, adjust the angle or proximity to the TV to make sure it's as comfortable as possible. If you notice plants or decor blocking the screen from any angle, move them out of the way so no one will miss a moment. 

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When you're in the middle of a good episode and suddenly you can't find the remote to turn up the volume, you'll wish you invested in a dedicated remote basket. This shallow woven basket will keep all of the remotes stashed on your coffee table so you never have to spend time searching through the couch cushions.

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The #1 goal of the coziest binge-watching room: make it so you never have to get up off the couch. To make snacks and drinks easier to grab, slide a petite c-side table close to the sofa so it can hold essentials within arm's reach, but without taking up too much space in the room. 

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To make your binge-watching environment as snuggly as possible, leave out a throw blanket and extra pillow or two. The key: To avoid overcrowding, don't add too many extras to the couch—trust us, you'll want the maximum amount of space to spread out. Instead, stock a large woven basket or a storage ottoman with spare blankets, so they're always within reach (because we're way too lazy to walk to another room). 

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If you're going to spend several hours cooped up in the living room, the air may start to get a little stale. To keep things fresh and create a relaxing vibe when you're binge-watching a particularly stressful show, order an aromatherapy diffuser that can waft calming scents, like lavender, through the air. 

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