When you're decorating your home for the holidays, be sure to place wreaths where they'll really wow. Here's one spot you probably haven't considered.
Woman carrying wreath in snow
Credit: Tetra Images/Getty Images

When you’re working to decorate your home on a limited budget and in as little time as possible, it can sometimes feel like there’s not enough cheer to go around. Especially if you have a larger home, it’s important to place each decoration strategically so they work as hard as possible. The one spot you’re probably overlooking also happens to be one of the best places to hang a wreath: on the front of your bookcase. By placing the wreath or swag directly in front of the shelves, this unexpected placement draws even more attention. While hanging the wreath on a wall can cause it to blend in, the empty space on the shelves behind the wreath will help it stand out. To get the look in your own home, draw inspiration from the beautiful designs below.

For the ultimate holiday shelfie, Sarah Sherman Samuel added an evergreen wreath to the front, then decked out the shelves with decorative objects, a mini tree, and a pretty bowl full of ornaments.

For even more holiday flair, decorate the shelf behind the wreath, too, as Christine Elliott did here with tiny white trees.

For a slightly subtler look, follow the lead of High Street Homes and secure your wreath to the back of the bookcase, adjusting the shelves as needed so it will fit.

As an easy alternative, Wayfair simply leaned a wreath against this bookcase. This way, you don’t have to sort through your ribbon bin or hunt for removable hooks.