Did I mention it's just $66 on Amazon?
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Earlier this winter, when the ancient radiators in my 1931 apartment broke and took several weeks to be repaired, I was ready to lug my old-fashioned space heater out of storage. I dragged the heavy, oil-filled radiator-style space heater into my living room, setting it up right in front of the sofa. Sure, it was an eyesore and the bulky design made it difficult to move, but for the small amount of heat it emitted into my icy apartment, it was worth it. I had just resigned myself to sitting on the sofa, cuddling as close to the heater as possible until the heating issues could be resolved, when my parents dropped by with a much better solution: the Pelonis Oscillating Portable Space Heater ($66, amazon.com).

Having bought the heater "just in case" and despite my insistence that I really didn't need another one (the hulking, metal monstrosity sitting in front of my sofa was doing just fine!), my parents generously decided to deliver the Pelonis space heater. At first glance, I had to admit, it was certainly sleeker and more stylish than my current space heater. With a tower design, the heater maximizes vertical space, saving square footage and making it much easier to maneuver around. And with its minimalist black-and-white design, it plays well with almost any decor style.

I was sold on the space heater's aesthetics, but as soon as I plugged it in, I realized what I was really missing. Compared to my oil-filled space heater that slowly warmed up the surrounding air and was best enjoyed by sitting as close as possible, this modern space heater actually warmed the entire room. Within 20 minutes of turning the machine on and setting the desired temperature to 70 degrees, the appliance was pumping out enough hot air to make my formerly chilly living room perfectly comfortable. Although the heater itself didn't appear to move, the fan inside oscillated left and right, directing warm air into the far corners of the room. Part heater, part fan, the Pelonis was able to (in less than half an hour!) make my apartment feel warmer than it had in weeks.

The true evidence that this space heater works: when the room hit the target temperature, it automatically switched off. To save energy, the fan turns off as soon as the desired temperature is reached, and will switch back on once the temperature drops, so you don't have to touch a button. But don't worry, since this model is equipped with a remote control, you'll never have to get up from the couch just to adjust the temperature.

A month later, my building's radiators have been fixed and the space heaters moved to storage—but only one made the cut. While the bulky metal radiator earned itself a Craigslist ad, the modern Pelonis has found itself a permanent home in my apartment.