Including plenty of gorgeous options under $1,000.

By Caylin Harris and Emily Belfiore
Updated March 17, 2021
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Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

Not to overhype a piece of furniture, but a well-designed sectional sofa might be one of the secrets to domestic bliss (and a beautiful living room). With room for you, a partner, pets, or kids, no one person gets the best spot in the house—it gives everyone the room they need to relax and enjoy a lengthy Netflix binge. So we've rounded up the best sectional sofas in a range of prices to fit your budget.

Before you choose your favorite, here's an important tip to keep in mind: While you have to buy what you can afford, the price of a piece of furniture often reflects how it's made and what it's made of. If you're looking for something that lasts, it's smart to spend the extra money for a sofa that has a solid foundation, quality fabric, and cushions that won't lose their shape. Buy what works best for your home, but pay attention to the construction, too.

Functionality is another important factor to consider when shopping for a new couch. If you like to entertain lots of guests, opt for a U-shaped sectional to fit everyone comfortably and provide the perfect layout so everyone can see each other. If you have visitors who stay the night, invest in a sleeper sectional with an L-shaped silhouette to have enough beds for everyone. Additional features like ottomans and chaises provide even more versatility, adding extra leg room and convenient storage opportunities to make your sectional work even better for your space and preferences.

Below, explore the 12 best sectional sofas that cater to every budget and home decor aesthetic. 

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Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

1 Best Overall: Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa


Available in five colors that will flatter any apartment, this hardwood-frame sectional sofa from Rivet is made from a soft polyester fabric and durable beechwood legs to ensure lasting comfort and support. Designed to suit any sized space, this reversible sofa is compact thanks to its 80-inch width and can be customized to fit the layout of your home. Plus its chaise acts as an additional seat for your guests, and reviewers say that it's easy to assemble and pet-friendly. 

"I really love this couch. It was just what I have been looking for," one reviewer wrote. "[It] appears to be cat-proof as well; no claw marks. My cats like to sleep under the couch, too. It's pleasantly firm, perfect for me. Not rock hard at all."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

2 Best for Small Spaces and Apartments: Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa


If your home or apartment doesn't have room to spare, you'll need a space-saving and versatile sectional like this one from Honbay. With its two-person, 56-inch width, this compact sectional works with your layout—no matter how tiny it is. If you're really pressed for space, you'll enjoy its dual-functioning chaises, which add more legroom and seating opportunities and double as convenient storage bins. The sectional's easy-to-clean and durable material can withstand spills and messes, so definitely feel free to use the chaises as coffee tables as well. 

"Bought this to go in our living room/dining room," one shopper said in a glowing review. "The space was small and we weren't quite sure if we were going to fit the couch and our table, but the couch is perfect! I love that I can buy more pieces to add to it, and how easily the style can be changed. I bought this for the size, versatility, and storage, and I do not regret it one bit! I've gotten many compliments on it and would definitely buy again."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

3 Best for Pets: Burrow Arch Nomad Sofa Sectional


Pet owners know that scratch-proof furniture isn't easy to come by. Well, that was before this tough sectional from Burrow came onto the scene. Soft enough for humans but strong enough to prevent scratches and stains, this reversible sectional gets its pet armor from its tight, olefin fiber weave and sturdy Baltic birch hardwood, making it durable enough to withstand any casualties from your four-legged companions. Other standout features that make this modular sofa so great are its reversible back cushions, plushy fabric, and built-in USB charging capabilities. 

"From the beginning, I loved the concept of Burrow, especially when reading it was stain proof and pet-proof," one reviewer wrote. "As hard as we tried to keep our 80-pound dog off, he has made this [his] bed at night, and in the morning I can't even tell." The shopper added, "It is by far the best purchase we have made, and I would highly recommend this couch to anyone whether they are single or a family with kids and pets alike. It's beautiful, durable, comfortable and Burrow's customer service is amazing." 

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

4 Best for Families: Stendmar Microfiber Sectional Sofa


Every family, regardless of its size, needs a quality couch like this one from Stendmar to really make their living room feel homey. When aligned with its chaise, this spacious sectional sofa offers 80 inches of plushness so you and your loved ones can gather around with plenty of room to spare. Your family will get a kick out of its 40-inch ottoman, which adds extra legroom so you can all sprawl out and have a comfortable night in. Once attached, it transforms your couch into a queen-sized bed that's nap- and sleepover-approved. Reviewers love its easy-to-assemble design, removable cushion covers for fast cleaning, and the fact that it comes with four throw pillows to take the guesswork out of decorating. 

"So far we've gotten a lot of compliments on this couch," one reviewer wrote, adding that their kids love it. "The ottoman is great, too—we use it as a living room table. I assembled the couch myself."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

5 Best U-Shaped: Honbay Reversible U-Shaped Sectional Sofa


Between its sleek gray hue and its commodious design, this U-shaped sectional from Honbay is bound to become the focal point of your living room. A fan-favorite for its ability to hold multiple people, versatility, and durability, this 112-inch sofa offers endless possibilities and delivers in the comfort department thanks to its spongy cushions and supportive armrests. Since it's made up of six separate parts, you can easily rearrange this modular couch to best suit your home. Not to mention that the ottoman modules aren't just comfy footrests—they also double as storage containers. 

"I know this sounds crazy, but once we got rid of the old sofas and put this one in, the energy and flow just [felt] tons and tons better," one reviewer wrote. "We have room to walk, and the fact that we aren't stuck with our current configuration just feels so freeing. It is a lower profile than my old sofas, and I like that it's extra-long."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

6 Best Sleeper: Joybird Eliot Sleeper Sectional


Odds are that you'll be using your new couch for naps just as much as you will for watching TV or reading. Snooze in peace with this incredibly comfortable sectional from Joybird, which has a roomy single-arm chaise so you can catch some Zs vertically and horizontally. It's also equipped with a pull-out bed that's perfect for guests. According to reviewers, it's so comfortable that you might even choose it over your actual bed. Plus it comes in 18 stunning colors, and you have the option to customize your fabric, wood, and detailings.

"I absolutely love my Eliot Sectional," one reviewer wrote. "The color is vibrant and amazing. The texture of the fabric is soft and luxurious. The couch is the most comfortable couch I have EVER owned. My only regret is that I did not order [it] sooner." 

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

7 Best Reversible: CosmoLiving Strummer Reversible Sectional Couch


If the freedom to change up your sectional's design is a huge selling point for you, then you'll love all of the customization that comes with this chic couch from CosmoLiving. Excelling in both the versatility and comfort departments, this couch features densely-filled and interchangeable chaises that allow you to experiment with your seating scheme. Its compact profile can easily fit into any sized space, and its upholstered design serves up a vintage-inspired aesthetic that comes in four trendy-yet-neutral colors. 

"This couch is very comfortable. I love the fabric, it's extremely soft, and the color is very nice," one reviewer said. "The bottom cushions are firm and supportive without being 'hard,' [and] the back cushions are nicely filled." The reviewer also shared how they take advantage of the ottoman and all its uses: "I also really enjoy that the ottoman can be used as a sectional/attached ottoman, or as a separate ottoman. I use it attached most of the time, and switch it if I have guests so the ottoman can be moved around and used as a fourth seat."

Poly & Bark sectional

8 Best Leather: Poly & Bark Napa Sofa


Nothing elevates your space quite like a well-made leather sofa. Refined and sharp in its cognac tan shade, this elegant sectional is available in both right- and left-facing designs to perfectly adhere to your living room, bedroom, or office's layout and decor scheme. The sectional's firmly-filled interior prioritizes comfort, and it's durable down to its core. It's made from sturdy kiln-dried wood, which means that its frame and legs will not warp over time. 

"Very impressed with this leather couch/chaise," one reviewer wrote. "The leather and stitching are both thick and of fine quality. The character of the leather is naturally distressed, giving it an authentic look and feel. There's no question that this is real leather. It is a matte texture, not a shiny formal leather commonly found in chesterfield couches. Very sturdy [and] easy to put together." They also shared that the cushions are "very comfortable," thanks to the couch's "fluffy and full" back support cushions.

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

9 Best with Ottoman: Restar L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

$750 (originally $800),

If an ottoman is a must-have for you, then this reversible L-shaped sectional from Restar is bound to tickle your fancy. This space-saving microfiber sectional is smartly designed to hold at least six people without taking up too much room, and its focal point is its triple-threat 33-inch ottoman, which acts as an additional seat, coffee table, and storage bin. Its sturdy wooden frame, durable resin legs, and resilient foam cushions guarantee plenty of movie marathons to come. 

"Love this couch," one reviewer wrote. "So comfy and easy to assemble. [It's] really easy to keep clean, which is essential in a big household (eight people and three dogs). [It] gives us the much needed space in our living room to move about without bumping into our dining table and chairs."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

10 Best Reclining: Knowlife Sectional Convertible Sofa


Kick back with this convertible sectional from Knowlife, which has three reclining settings so you can find the perfect angle to relax. The sofa's roomy 115-inch width and reversible chaise offer more seating and lounging options for everyone and allow it to function as a sleeper for guests. Plus its upholstered cushions and velvety material give it a charming vintage feel, and it comes in five rich colors that will help you put the finishing touch on your living room. 

"I love it," one reviewer wrote. "It's soft, and the folding into a bed [aspect] is great. Exactly what I was looking for." Another reviewer mentioned that it's "easy to assemble" and offers "great support."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

11 Best Outdoor: Devoko Outdoor Sectional Sofa

From $360,

Currently ranking number one on Amazon's bestseller's list, this outdoor sectional from Devoko turns your backyard into a five-star resort with its elegant and comfortable design. Consisting of five interchangeable parts, including a coffee table with a tempered glass cover, this flexible and compact sectional can be customized to match your patio's layout without compromising space. Its weather-resistant wicker and water-proof cushions, which come in beige, blue, and red, are made to last so you and your guests can enjoy it for many seasons to come. Plus it comes with two matching pillows, so you don't have to worry about decorating. 

"My girlfriend and I put this together at night with nothing but a small porch light to illuminate the work, which means it was easy to put together," one reviewer wrote. "We keep it on an outdoor patio in the Florida humidity, and the water resistance is great. The pillows and cushions are thicker than I thought they would be. And the construction is solid. The glass table top looks nice. A very nice set without breaking the bank."

Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa

12 Best for Storage: Honbay Reversible Sectional Couch


Since many sectionals have built-in storage, they're a favorite for saving space—especially in rooms with limited places to put things. If you're looking for a functional sofa that offers some storage room, this reversible sectional from Honbay is your best bet. Measuring in at 79 inches by 53 inches, this couch comfortably sits at least four people thanks to its reversible chaise. But of course, the real MVP is its 23-inch wide ottoman, which provides a deep storage bin that can conveniently and discretely house blankets, pillows, sheets, and more while also acting as a comfortable footrest, coffee table, or additional seating. 

"Most options were either too uncomfortable as a couch, or too expensive," wrote one reviewer who noted that the couch offers firm support and is good at "repelling" their dog's hair. "You get so much more for just over $500 USD than for anything else I could find … Also, I'm already making good use of the storage space in the footrest."