You have got to see these kitchen cabinets. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 02, 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, the design world anxiously awaits the announcement of the colors of the year for 2020. While many paint brands have already thrown in their best guesses for the 2020 Color of the Year, and this week we wait with bated breath for Pantone's announcement, we've decided to take a (brief) break from the color trend forecasting—and perhaps the only thing more exciting than brushing on a fresh coat of paint is decorating a new kitchen. Taking a look back at the best kitchens designed in 2019, we've rounded up the most inspiring rooms to date. You'll find farmhouse sinks galore, open shelving, stunning kitchen cabinet colors, and more than a few design ideas you'll want to steal for your own kitchen. Watch out, these spaces may just inspire a kitchen remodel in 2020.

The Mountain House Kitchen

One of the most exciting home renovations to grace the internet in 2019, Emily Henderson's Mountain House is full of on-trend design inspiration. And the kitchen is no exception. This year, we saw the surprising return of wooden kitchen cabinets, but this time around, the silhouettes are sleeker. In this kitchen, both the cabinets and floors are crafted from beautiful reclaimed wood.

The Kitchen That Rocked the Block

If you watched HGTV's Rock the Block, then you already know that Leanne Ford's minimalist design stole the show (even if it didn't technically win the show). Some design ideas it's making us consider: the return of white appliances, white countertops, and even a white "grout washed" stone wall.

The Rental Kitchen Makeover

If you think you can't update your kitchen because you live in a rental, this inspiring kitchen makeover will make you guess again. Design and DIY blogger Medina Grillo removed the fronts from her kitchen cabinets, then added patterned removable wallpaper to the back of the cabinets. The change is small (and reversible!), but the effect is dramatic.

The One with the Stunning Tile

Modern tile in fresh colors and patterns have been trending for a while now, so for her One Room Challenge kitchen makeover, interior designer Erika Ward decided to install some statement-making tile. In shades of blue and gray, the glistening tiles resemble the inside of a sea shell.

The Return of Wood Paneling

Did we mention that wood kitchens are cool again? And in case you had any doubt, see the visual proof above designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. The wood paneled ceiling evokes cozy cabin vibes, while the brass panel under the island and sleek pendant lights keep the space modern.