The 8 Best Hall Trees to Spruce Up Your Home

 Our top pick is the Walker Edison August Hall Tree for its versatile design and impressive storage capacity.

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best hall trees

While they may have a funny name, hall trees are among the most practical furniture pieces out there. They provide extra room for storage and help straighten up the busiest areas of your home by providing hooks, shelves, and cubbies for you to keep track of your everyday essentials. While they're most commonly found in entryways, they can be used to eliminate clutter in small apartments or organize belongings in dining areas or kitchens.

We spent hours rigorously researching hall tree styles and solutions to select the best options for a variety of budget, storage, and home decor needs. We considered storage space and type, functionality, and size when selecting the final products. We also consulted Shira Gill, organizing expert and author of Minimalista, to get her tips on what to look for in a hall tree and how to best select the one for your needs:

"A hall tree is a great alternative to costly custom built-ins and an easy way to add an attractive and multifunctional piece of furniture to your home," says Gill. "For small spaces, a hall tree is also a great way to maximize vertical storage space while providing organizational solutions for coats, bags, shoes, and seasonal accessories in a single cohesive unit. "

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Best Overall Hall Tree

Walker Edison Furniture Company August Hall Tree

Walker Edison Furniture Company August Hall Tree

Home Depot

Who it's for: Anyone looking for versatile storage in a modern-meets-industrial style.

Who it's not for: Someone looking for hidden storage.

When looking for the best hall tree, we considered three important factors: functionality, versatility, and storage space. We looked for one that, most importantly, was easy to assemble and keep organized, while offering plenty of room to keep your essentials.

This hall tree hits a couple of key marks regarding functionality. While it comes shipped in separate parts and requires assembly, the directions are clear and easy to follow, requiring just a Phillips head screwdriver. It features a tall, lean build at 40 inches wide and 72 inches tall, meaning that you don't have to wrestle with coats while sitting on the bench, and it can fit into a narrower entryway without worrying about stubbing a toe. Furthermore, its sleek and minimalist design means that it's easy to dust, and you can quickly wipe away any debris that gathers on its surface. Also of note is that it can be secured to the wall for further support and stability.

The aesthetic may feel more functional than stylish, but don't let its simple design fool you. It comes in five different finish options to complement a variety of interiors and color schemes. You can add bins and baskets to organize your belongings, as well as cushions or even a blanket to add a cozy touch. It does, however, have an open-back design, which means that you can see the wall behind it.

Last but not least, this pick offers a solid amount of storage space. While it's on the narrow side, it's wide, providing plenty of places to tuck away shoes, scarves, and any other grab-and-go accessories. Aside from the bench and shelf, it provides seven sturdy double hooks, so you and your family (or roommates) can hang outerwear and heavier items without fear of them falling off or taking the hook with them.

Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 72 inches | Weight: 53 pounds | Materials: MDF and steel

Best Budget Hall Tree

Honey-Can-Do Entryway Storage Valet

Honey-Can-Do Entryway Storage Valet


Who it's for: Someone with a small space looking for a lot of storage without splurging.

Who it's not for: Someone looking for a more robust piece of furniture.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, we recommend the Honey-Can-Do Hall Tree. While it's at a lower price point than our top pick, it manages to pack in even more storage space with nine double hooks and two shelves to lay away shoes and other essentials. It comes with adjustable legs to ensure it's stable, even if you have an uneven floor. At 26 inches wide, it is a bit on the narrower side, so while it may not be the best fit if you're working with a larger area, it does squeeze wonderfully into a tiny apartment, hallway, or even a closet. It's also pretty lightweight, making it a good option if you're a renter and plan to move.

The main drawback is the lack of options when it comes to finishes. If the wood and black metal combo isn't your thing, you're out of luck—unless you decide to get crafty and repaint it. While the hall tree itself is sturdy, it's not the most beautiful option available. However, it does provide a substantial amount of storage capacity while maintaining a compact design and low price point, making it ideal for someone like a college student or young adult living in a dorm or studio.

Dimensions: 25.79 x 12.6 x 71.26 inches | Weight: 16.67 pounds | Materials: MDF and Steel

Best Splurge Hall Tree

Ballard Designs Hampton Grasscloth Entry Cabinet

Ballard Designs Hampton Grasscloth Entry Cabinet

Ballard Designs

Who it's for: A family looking for long-lasting storage to add to their home.

Who it's not for: Someone living in a compact space.

If you're going to splurge on furniture, you want something long-lasting, both in construction and design aesthetic. This entry cabinet is built to last with its hardy wood craftsmanship—and thanks to its closed-back design, it also functions as a neat little alcove for sitting and relaxing.

Aside from its build quality, it has a few elements that make it a cut above a standard hall tree from a design point of view. Grasscloth accents add a natural texture to the otherwise wooden exterior, and elements like the scalloped bracket details add an ornate touch. The bench comes with an optional linen cushion as well for extra comfort. While these don't enhance its functionality per se, they do show a certain attention to detail that makes this piece worthy of a splurge.

In terms of storage, you get your money's worth with six double hooks and nine cubby holes both on top and below the bench. With a depth of 13 inches, it's able to store purses, backpacks, shoes, and even accessorize with a basket or two. It's worth mentioning though that this hall tree weighs 244 pounds, so it's quite hefty. Make sure you have a strong friend to help tackle assembly.

Dimensions: 55.5 x 18 x 80 inches | Weight: 244 pounds | Materials: Poplar wood and grasscloth.

Best Narrow Hall Tree

VASAGLE Alinru Coat Rack with 3 Shelves

VASAGLE Alinru Coat Rack with 3 Shelves


Who it's for: Small apartment dwellers who want a heavy duty coat rack.

Who it's not for: Families that need more storage space.

If you live in a shoebox apartment, you know that each piece of furniture must be carefully considered, as there's no room for anything that's not essential. While hall trees are a great addition to apartments for their space-saving and storage-adding properties, they can be on the wider side and may not fit well into narrow hallways or awkward entryways.

Enter the Vasagle Alingru Coat Rack. At 16.9 inches wide, this hall tree is as narrow as they come, but it still packs in an array of options to get rid of clutter from your cramped quarters, including eight double hooks and three sturdy shelves for shoes, bags, and other knick knacks. Its unique shape is noteworthy because it gently tapers upwards to add more stability to the design and to create the illusion of more room by drawing the eye upward.

It also has square shelves as opposed to rectangular ones, so you can stash it in a corner rather than having it jut out from your wall. While this is probably enough space for one person (or two), it's likely not ideal for those looking for a hall tree to organize a collection of kid's shoes, for example.

Dimensions: 16.9 x 16.9 x 70.9 inches | Weight: 23.1 pounds | Materials: Wood and steel

Best Hall Tree with Bench

Kelly Clarkson Home Centennial Iron Hall Tree

best hall trees

Who it's for: Someone looking to bring a farmhouse touch to their home.

Who it's not for: Someone who wants a wider hall tree.

This rustic hall tree with a cushioned bench immediately stands out for its shabby chic vibe. Wrought iron swirls are reminiscent of garden decor, elevating a basic piece of furniture to an elegant accessory for your entryway that makes a great first impression. These details sneak in some extra places for you to hang coats, scarves, and bags (in case the 12 hooks it provides aren't enough). The cushioned bench deserves a shout out as well, offering a comfy place for you to kick off your shoes for the day. It can fit into a variety of room sizes and styles thanks to its two colorway options and its compact build for an understated yet chic touch.

However, there is a lack of shelf space compared to other hall trees, which is a concern if you're looking for something with more range to stockpile your things. While it does have a fair amount of hooks, it only has two small shelves above and below the bench for safekeeping belongings. So, if you're on the shorter side, this may not be the right fit for you. That said, if looks are more of a priority, this is a hall tree worth considering.

Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 72.5 inches | Weight: 19 pounds | Materials: Wood, metal, and polyester

Best Hall Tree with Shoe Storage

Ikea Panget Coat Rack with Shoe Storage Bench

Ikea Panget Coat Rack with Shoe Storage Bench


Who it's for: Busy families who need a central place to store several pairs of shoes and coats.

Who it's not for: Someone who prefers shelves to cubbyholes.

Whether you're looking for something that will organize the pile of slippers and boots that your family leaves by the front door or you just want to show off your shoe collection, Ikea's Panget Coat Rack will take care of all of your footwear storage needs. Six shoe-sized cubby holes are nestled below the bench, which makes it easy for kiddos to grab their favorite sneakers before heading off to practice and then return them to their cubby when they get back.

Plus, the irregular hook shapes are a unique facet of this hall tree. The flat and round design means you can hang a heavy winter coat without it slipping off, but you could also throw a purse around each hook's slender neck just as easily. It also comes with overhead hooks, in case you have a longer garment you want to store or if you want to hang your coat to dry after coming inside on a rainy day.

The Panget Coat Rack is constructed from durable and easy-to-clean wood, so it can stand up against any messes or dents left by your pack of wild littles. Plus, it attaches to your wall for an installation that's extra secure, so you won't have to worry about it tipping over.

Dimensions: 9.87 x 16.12 x 74.75 inches | Weight: 68 pounds | Materials: Pine wood and metal

Best Hall Tree with Mirror

Sauder Anda Norr Entryway Storage

Sauder Anda Norr Entryway Storage


Who it's for: People with limited space who want a two-in-one product.

Who it's not for: Someone looking for a more traditional hall tree.

While hall trees are most commonly situated in someone's entryway, they can make a great addition to a small apartment or dorm room that's low on storage space. This mirrored organizer kills two birds with one stone: It has a nearly full-length mirror, which is perfect for giving yourself one last glance before dashing off to work or class. It sneaks in an extra place to store coats and sweaters by placing a garment rack behind the mirror, so you can quickly try on some last-minute coat options before you leave and hide any mess you may have created while getting ready. If you're looking for a hall tree that's wider and looks more traditional, this is not the one for you.

In addition to its clever design, it provides a fair amount of room to store your essentials. Two shelves beneath the mirror offer a place to hide away smaller items like gloves, scarves, or a storage basket, as well as store larger items like hats bookbags and textbooks, so you can just grab your things and go. A top shelf above the mirror offers extra space, as well as side hooks for purses, necklaces, or belts. At 18.74 inches wide, it's fairly compact too, making it a great place to hang overflow clothes from your wardrobe and to help keep your small space looking tidy.

Dimensions: 11.89 x 18.74 x 71.85 inches | Weight: 40.9 pounds | Materials: Metal

Best Corner Hall Tree

Crosley Furniture Seaside Corner Hall Tree

Crosley Furniture Seaside Corner Hall Tree


Who it's for: Someone with an awkward layout in their entryway

Who it's not for: Someone who wants a piece that's easy to clean.

If you're in desperate need of more storage but don't have a spare wall that would fit a standard hall tree, opt for a corner design. Out of all of the corner models we looked at, we recommend the Crosley Seaside Corner Hall Tree for two main reasons. Firstly, it's sturdy—while corner models can become unbalanced since they tend to have smaller bases, this model has a robust base and a closed-back, so you won't have to hold your breath every time you walk by. Secondly, it has two shelves tucked behind a door, which is ideal for hiding any mess or for stowing away possessions like shoes, toys, or even books. For things that you do want to display, there's a shelf on top of the hooks.

The nifty hidden shelving and lovely wood paneling come with an unfortunate downside though: It's more difficult to get in all of its crevices while you're dusting. Though, if you don't mind putting in a little extra elbow grease on cleaning day, it makes for a stylish and practical focal point to add to the corner of any room.

Dimensions: 20 x 33.50 x 70 inches | Weight: 81.3 pounds | Materials: Wood and metal

Final Verdict

In terms of versatility and functionality, there's no beating the Walker Edison August Hall Tree. With five different finish options to choose from and plenty of storage options by way of hooks and shelving, it's an ideal solution to contain clutter with a practical design. If you're looking for an option at a lower price point, the Honey-Can-Do Hall Tree provides a lot of space to hold your belongings between its shelves and hooks.

How to Shop for Hall Trees Like a Pro


While all hall trees exist to help you declutter, some are better suited for certain purposes than others. "Since there are many different options on the market, it's also important to look for a hall tree that feels aligned with your personal style and aesthetic and fits in with the rest of your home decor," explains Gill. For example, if you need a piece of furniture that will make your home look a little tidier, focus on styles with a cabinet versus one with open shelves so you can keep up appearances more easily. If you're trying to neaten up your family's shoe collection, look for units with specific shoe cubby holes. Also, if you're considering a benched hall tree, take a look at the weight that it can support and the height of the hooks so you aren't fighting against your coats while trying to sit down on the bench.

Another facet to consider is how many bells and whistles you want on your hall tree. While some come embellished with mirrors, benches, cabinets, and cubbies, others are more minimalist and only provide hooks to hang up your coat. Consider your current organizational needs and which hall tree design elements will best meet them.


An important quality to consider while shopping for hall trees is what size will best fit your space while meeting your storage needs. While smaller and narrower hall trees work better in tiny apartments or awkward layouts, they have less storage volume. In those cases, look for items with double hooks and with multiple shelves or cubbies to make up for the lack in size. If you're working with a larger area, a compact hall tree may look awkward, so look at weightier furniture options to round things out.

Another thing to be mindful of according to Gill? Door clearance. "Make sure to measure your space (height, width, and depth) and make sure you have enough clearance for any doors to open," she says. After all, the last thing you want is to dance around your hall tree whenever you have to open your closet door.


A well-designed hall tree, like other practical pieces of furniture used for storage, goes well beyond just aesthetics. "Take inventory of the items you're looking to store and display so you can find the right unit for your specific needs," Gill advises. Before you go shopping, make a list of how many coats and bags you use regularly so you know what number of hooks to look for, and make sure to check the shape of the hooks as well to ensure that they'll hold your items securely.

Most hall trees have either shelves, cubby holes, cabinets, or a combination of all three, and each type has its own pros and cons. While cabinets help obscure mess and keep appearances neat, they're more difficult to clean than a shelf. On the other hand, it's harder to keep a shelf organized, but it's much easier to wipe down any mud or dirt that shoes may track in. Shelves also provide more freedom to customize your hall tree as you can add cushions or storage bins, allowing you to tailor your organizational style, whether you're storing your shoes or need a place to put your hats. However, if you want something with built-in nooks so that everything has a dedicated place, an option with cubbies would be better suited for you.

Questions You Might Ask

What is the purpose of a hall tree?

"A hall tree is a simple all-in-one solution typically used for organizing all of your grab-and-go essentials by the front door," Gill explains. "Instead of puzzle piecing together lots of separate components like cubbies, hooks, benches, and bins that may not look great together, you can set up shop in a single, streamlined unit." In short, hall trees help store all of the things you need on a daily basis in an easy-to-access location, reducing clutter in the process.

Do hall trees have to go in entryways?

Hall trees are most commonly seen in front entryways, but they can be used to tidy up any room in your house. Gill elaborates that "they can also be used in mud rooms or garages for stowing wet boots, umbrellas, and sports gear, in a hallway for additional household storage, or in a laundry room or storage closet for hanging towels, storing linens, and tucking away cleaning supplies—the possibilities are endless!"

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