best ceiling fans: Kelly Clarkson Home Leonie LED Crystal 52-inch Ceiling Fan

The 10 Best Ceiling Fans to Cool Every Room in Your Home, According to Reviews

Plus, an expert shares how to choose the right size.
By Amina Lake Abdelrahman
April 27, 2021
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From tower fans to cooling sheets, there are many different ways to cool your home in the summer, but ceiling fans are a tried-and-true way to promote air circulation. That means you'll feel a nice, refreshing breeze inside without even opening the windows.

Since there are a slew of ceiling fans on the market, it can be hard to figure out which type is best for your needs. To help out, we scoured thousands of customer reviews and found 10 ceiling fans that are actually worth buying on Amazon and Wayfair. From a low-profile option that's great for small rooms to a wet-rated model that's safe for outdoor use, these are the best ceiling fans in 2021:

What Features to Look for In Ceiling Fans

When shopping for ceiling fans, there are a few different features to look for. First, decide if you want your fan to have a source of light. Many models come with LED light kits, but there are also standalone ceiling fans available if you already have light fixtures in your room. Some even take it a step further and have smart capabilities (like this Wi-Fi-enabled fan from Hunter), so the speed and light settings can be easily adjusted through an app on your smartphone or other device. 

If you plan to install a ceiling fan on an outdoor patio or porch, you'll have to make sure it's safe to be used in those conditions. A damp-rated fan can be used on covered outdoor areas, while a wet-rated fan is even more durable because it can be directly exposed to water.

Depending on how high your ceilings are, your fan might require a different type of mount. If your room has low ceilings, you'll probably want a flush mount (also called hugger) ceiling fan. There are also downrod mounts, which are very common and come in various lengths. A downrod "ensures an appropriate hanging height of eight to nine feet from the floor," John Alexander, the CEO of Hunter Fan Company, says. But if your ceiling is sloped or angled, he says you might need a special mounting kit or adapter—be sure to double check the manual for whichever fan you choose. 

While it's definitely possible for the average homeowner to install a ceiling fan themselves (many customers mention it in their reviews), there's also the option to buy one online and hire a professional to install it.

"It can also be physically challenging to attach the fan to the ceiling with overhead lifting required," says Josh McCormick, VP of operations at Mr. Electric, a company that provides expert ceiling fan installation services. "People spend a lot of money on a fan, install themselves, and can end up with [wobbling], separation from the ceiling, and of course the electrical risks of improper wiring."

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan is its size. "Installing a fan that's too small for your space won't circulate air effectively to make the room feel cool," said Alexander. "Alternatively, if you install a fan that's too large for the space, it could overpower the room even on a lower setting." 

Basically, the larger the room is, the larger the diameter of the fan should be. Here are Alexander's general guidelines for choosing a ceiling fan size—but when in doubt, reference the brand's room size recommendations for any model you're thinking about buying.

  • 100 square feet or less: Choose a ceiling fan between 30 and 48 inches for small rooms like home offices and laundry rooms.
  • 100-400 square feet: A fan between 48 and 54 inches is best for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.
  • Over 400 square feet: For large spaces and open floor plans, choose a ceiling fan that’s 56 inches or larger. 

Another way to make sure your ceiling fan can handle your room size is by checking the cubic feet per minute (CFM). According to Alexander, this "refers to the measurement of how much air is moved by a ceiling fan. More energy-efficient ceiling fans produce higher airflow while consuming less energy than standard fans." But not every brand advertises the CFM of its ceiling fans, so that metric may be hard to find. 

It's also important to note that the number of blades on a ceiling fan doesn't make a difference in airflow or how well it cools a room. "How many blades you need on your fan is up to you," said Alexander. "Some people like the look of a two-bladed fan, while others love six blades." 

No matter what type of ceiling fan you're looking for, there are bound to be plenty of options on this list that work for your home. Keep reading to learn more about the best ceiling fans you can buy online, according to reviews.

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Best Overall: Honeywell Carnegie LED 52-inch Ceiling Fan


With an average 4.6-star rating from more than 3,400 customers, the Honeywell Carnegie Fan is a popular option that has everything you’d want in a quality ceiling fan. It comes in three rustic finishes, each with dual-sided blades so you can reverse them to match your decor. Designed for rooms starting at 12-by-12 feet and up to 18-by-18 feet, the ceiling fan circulates air at three different speed settings, which can be adjusted with the included remote control. You can even dim the LED lights (it comes with three Edison bulbs) anywhere from 20 to 100 percent. It comes with a 4-inch downrod, but it’s also compatible with angled and flush mounts. “Overall, I'm very pleased with this fan,” wrote a reviewer. “I love the style. It's very quiet, moves a good amount of air, and the lights are reasonably bright.”

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Best Value: Prominence Home Alvina LED Globe Light 42-inch Ceiling Fan

From $60,

If you’re on the hunt for a deal, opt for this affordable ceiling fan by Prominence Home that dozens of reviewers call a “great value.” With prices starting at $60, the ceiling fan is just a fraction of the cost of many similar models. It still has all the basics you’d need, though, like a three-speed reversible motor and a frosted globe light (which uses included A15/E26 bulbs). The fan comes with a hugger mount, so it’s ideal for small rooms with low ceilings, and it forgoes remote controls or wall switches for traditional pull chains. Plenty of shoppers mention that the ceiling fan looks more expensive than it is, with one saying they were “impressed with the quality and attention to detail.” Another said, “This is a surprisingly nice find for the price.”

Hunter Fan Company 59376 Handfield Wi-Fi Enabled Home Kit Compatible Symphony Ceiling Fan

Best Smart Option: Hunter Fan Company Symphony Wi-Fi Enabled 54-inch Ceiling Fan


Thanks to Hunter Fan Company’s SimpleConnect feature, the Symphony ceiling fan can be controlled through the brand’s app—and it’s even compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. But if your phone’s low on battery or the internet’s not working, you can still control your ceiling fan with the included remote. It also comes with an LED light kit that includes dimmable bulbs to easily adjust the brightness, and in the winter, you can set the blades to rotate in the opposite direction to keep your home warm instead. Plus, the smart ceiling fan can be mounted three ways, including on angled ceilings. “I love being able to turn the light and fan on/off separately with Alexa,” said a shopper. “I especially like that you can change the fan speed by voice.”

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Best for Outdoors: Andover Mills Aaden 52-inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

$115 (was $177),

If you need a ceiling fan for an outdoor area (like a porch or patio), look no further than this versatile model from Andover Mills. Since it’s wet-rated, the ceiling fan is completely safe for use in dry, damp, and wet environments—it can even be directly exposed to water. The motor and blades are available in three different colors, so you can select the finish that best complements your patio furniture. It’s also equipped with a reversible motor, which means you can flip a switch in the winter to make it push warm air down. One thing to note is that it doesn’t have lights, so you’ll need outdoor lamps or another source of light for nighttime use. “I bought two of these fans for our outdoor patio and they are just what we needed,” a customer wrote. “They were easy to install and put out great air!”

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Best for Large Rooms: Honeywell Xerxes 62-inch Ceiling Fan

$240 (was $259),

At 62 inches long, the Honeywell Xerxes eight-blade ceiling fan is the biggest option on this list—and designed to promote airflow in 18-by-20-foot spaces—making it a great choice for larger areas in your home like the living room, dining room, or main bedroom. It’s available in four colors (black, white, brushed nickel, and bronze), but since the blades are reversible, there are really eight options in total. The included remote can be used to control both the fan speed and dimmable LED lights, and despite the fan’s size, shoppers say it’s still pretty quiet. “I was initially worried about the size and noise, [but I] can’t even hear it run,” one wrote. “[It] cools the entire 30-by-40 [foot] room with no problem.” Multiple others noted that they receive plenty of compliments on the ceiling fan when they have guests over—one even said it looks like an “art sculpture” when turned off.

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Best for Small Rooms: Prominence Home Hero 28-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan

From $60,

This mini five-blade ceiling fan from Prominence Home measures just 28 inches in diameter, so it’s best for cooling smaller areas like home offices or children’s bedrooms. It comes with one E26/A19 bulb, and many customers say they appreciate how well the light fixture brightens up their small spaces, especially compared to the bulbs on other ceiling fans that can be too dim. Installation will be a breeze, too, because even first-timers say they were able to successfully put up the ceiling fan with ease. “This fan is the perfect size for our daughter to not hit her head when on the top bunk,” wrote one. “We were a little nervous it wouldn't make enough wind with how small the blades are, but we thought wrong! This little fan puts out a lot of air, especially for a small kid’s room.”

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Best Decorative: Kelly Clarkson Home Leonie LED Crystal 52-inch Ceiling Fan


This elegant model from Kelly Clarkson’s home decor line at Wayfair is part ceiling fan, part chandelier. In addition to its patterned drum shade, it has hanging crystals and a matching pull chain that are bound to make it a statement piece in your home. Depending on the height of your ceilings, the fan can either be mounted flush or with the included downrod. It even has built-in LED bulbs that customers describe as “nice and bright,” so you don’t need another fixture for light in the room. “Oh my goodness I’m in love with this fan,” one person said “I was looking for a dining room ceiling fan for the cooling functionality but was so hesitant to install one and ruin the look of the room. There are so few fans that are designed to look like a fancy light fixture—this one is perfect for the dining room.”

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Best for Living Rooms: Hunter Builder Plus Indoor 52-inch Ceiling Fan


With brushed nickel accents and marble glass lights, Hunter’s Builder Plus ceiling fan is designed to look stylish in your living room and give off a cool breeze you’ll actually feel. There are three different fan speeds that can be changed by pulling the chain, and shoppers say each one is pretty quiet. That means you’ll be able to watch TV—and actually hear it—while the ceiling fan’s on. “The fan is well-made and does not wobble or make any noise when turned up to the highest setting,” one person wrote, while another said: “We like it so well that we bought another one just like it for the [primary] bedroom.” Bonus: The blades are coated with the brand’s patented anti-dust technology, so you can go a bit longer between cleanings.

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Best Low-Profile: Portage Bay Hugger West Hill 52-inch Ceiling Fan

$61 (was $75),

If your home has low ceilings, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a ceiling fan—you just need to find a low-profile option. This model from Portage Bay only takes up about 11.5 inches (not including the pull chains), so you don’t have to sacrifice too much vertical space to cool down your room. Even though the ceiling fan is pretty compact, there’s still room inside for a light kit thanks to its frosted white dome. It comes with one E26/A15 bulb that can be dimmed between 10 and 100 percent. “The downstairs half of my home has only 7-foot ceilings,” wrote one shopper, who describes themselves as nearly six feet tall. “I’d resigned myself to the belief that my head would always hit the light fixtures on a ceiling fan as there needs to be room for the motor, etc., but I can walk under these! I have a good couple inches [of] clearance, which is such a huge relief after the old [fans].”

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Best for Garages: Westinghouse Industrial Indoor 56-inch Ceiling Fan


This metal ceiling fan from Westinghouse has an industrial-looking design, and that’s just one of the reasons shoppers think it’s perfect for their garages. Instead of using a remote or pull chains, you can adjust the three-blade fan by turning the knob on the wall-mounted control unit. It comes with a 12-inch downrod (the minimum length for the fan to work properly), but you can replace it with a longer one if your garage has a high ceiling. “Installed three of these in my garage to keep air moving on those hot Arizona summer days,” one customer wrote. “The fan speed is sufficient to move the air really well in a two-car garage and [is] very quiet,” another said.