Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell’s Denver home recently got a makeover.

By Sarah Yang
Updated October 07, 2016
Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

Fans of The Bachelor watched Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell fall in love last January, and now they can get a peek into the couple’s life together—starting with a look inside their newly-redecorated home in Denver, Colorado. Home decor site Joss & Main worked with the couple to transform the space, which was originally Higgins’s real-life bachelor pad before Bushnell moved in right after the season ended. You can also see more of the house and the couple's life together on their new reality show, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? on October 11th on Freeform.

Anyone who’s moved in with their significant other knows that compromises and even a few disagreements are inevitable. It was a big transition for Bushnell, who was not only moving into a “classic” bachelor pad (think a college futon and deer antlers above the fireplace), but was also moving to a new state and city. So she got right to work making the house more of a “home.” As for Higgins’s worst bachelor pad offense: “Probably his bedroom furniture,” she told Joss & Main. “It was all brown, and his bedding was brown. Everything was brown.”

When it came to redecorating, Higgins let Bushnell take the lead: “When it came to this project, I did try to stay out of it. She’s moving into this house, and I wanted her to feel like this is home.” Bushnell worked with Donna Garlough, Joss & Main’s Style Director, to breathe some life into the bachelor pad. “I definitely love neutrals, as is evident from this room, and I like mixing more modern pieces with rustic, second-hand finds,” Bushnell says. With the light and airy colors, I feel like I kind of brought a piece of California with me to Ben’s home in Denver. But I didn’t want to make it feel too feminine—I’m moving into his house, so I tried to keep him in mind as well.”

The newly revamped home has a lighter color palette and is a mix of mixed modern and traditional, romantic and edgy, and masculine and feminine furniture and accents, which reflects both of their personalities and style preferences.

Take a look at some photos from the home below, and if you like what you see, you can shop the furniture and decor on until November 4.

Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main

All photos by Nicole Gerulat for Joss & Main