Say hello to "Canyon Dusk."

While many paint brands, including Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore, unveiled their predictions for the 2021 Color of the Year long before the New Year started, Behr decided to wait until February to reveal its choice. This patience has paid off, because the resulting hue—Canyon Dusk S210-4, a light shade of terracotta—is the warm and welcoming, reassuring and grounding color we need right now.

The Behr 2021 Color of the Year is part of a larger color palette, all based around the theme of "elevated comfort." Following a year when many of us spent more time at home than ever before, the theme is a reflection of the desire to make our spaces feel both stylish and cozy. As warm earth tones, from sandy beige to baked clay, were among the leading decor styles of winter 2020, Canyon Dusk continues the trend.

A rich and comforting hue, Canyon Dusk was inspired by twilight in the desert. "There is something so reassuring about dusk, the moment just after sunset, which brings the promise of a new day," explains says Erika Woelfel, the vice president of color and creative services at Behr, in a press release. "The illuminating, free-spirited Canyon Dusk is a color that can be found in a variety of places, from an awe-inspiring desert landscape to the color of sunbaked clay," she says.

To bring a bit of grounded optimism to your home in 2021, consider brushing this on-trend hue on an accent wall, or go ahead and paint an entire room. Here are a few of our favorite spots to add this uplifting earth tone.

Behr Color of the Year, Canyon Dusk Bathroom
Credit: Behr

A Relaxing Bathroom

Canyon Dusk is the ideal hue for the most personal, private spaces in our homes, like the bedroom and bathroom. Hint: lush plants really pop against this earth-toned backdrop and make the bathroom feel like an oasis. 

Behr Color of the Year 2021, Canyon Dusk Bedroom
Credit: Behr

Cozy Bedroom

To design the dreamiest bedroom, pair Canyon Dusk with a luxurious dark gray. Then add plants and soft textiles (don't forget the textured rug underfoot!). 

Behr Color of the Year 2021, Fireplace
Credit: Behr

Focal Points, Like a Fireplace

You don't have to paint the entire room to feel Canyon Dusk's warm and soothing effects. Brush it on a focal point, like a fireplace, to maximize its impact. 

Behr Color of the Year 2021, Canyon Dusk Garage
Credit: Behr

Garages, Sheds, and Front Doors

This welcoming hue doesn't have to hide in the interior of your home—brush it on a detached garage, a shed, or even the front door. Pair this pinkish-orange hue with warm shades of white or gray.