These Candles Last Longer and Smell Better Than Any Others I've Owned—and Right Now, They're 50% Off

Get ‘em while they last.
By Megan Mowery
January 08, 2021
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I'm a candle person. A full-blown, never-have-fewer-than-12-candles-at-a-time candle person. Between the ambiance they provide and how incredible they make my home smell, I'm hooked. At this point, I've just about tried them all, from bargain burns to some of the most expensive luxury candles on the market. But I've found that, throughout all the candles I've burned, one type reigns supreme—the Bath & Body Works Three-Wick Candle

Bath & Body Works' three-wick candles are some of the best available because of their long life, their wide variety of scents, and the strength of their throw (in other words, how powerful their scent is). Plus, the chic packaging you can find on some candles doesn't hurt either, and it certainly doesn't give off the vibe of a candle you can pick up at the mall. 


To buy: $12 (was $25);

My main issue with candles that aren't from Bath & Body Works is their faint scent, seemingly able to only fill the air around them rather than waft from room to room. I've never had that issue with a BBW candle. And I've never found the three-wicks to be lacking in scent choices, either. Whether I'm feeling a flannel-scented candle in the fall, a margarita-scented one when I'm dreaming of warmer days, or any other subtle, sophisticated aroma in between, I can always find one (or more likely five) that fit what I'm looking for. 

Despite their three wicks, I've actually found these candles to have a relatively long burn life. One candle will typically get me through an entire season of burning when I stick to the four-hour burn rule, so I'm ready to stock up on next season's scents when it's done. 

The best part? Dozens of Bath & Body Works candles are on sale for half-off right now during the brand's huge Semi-Annual Sale

Normally $25, you can shop three-wick candles for just $12 from now through January 18 or single-wick candles for only $6! Don't wait until January 18 to pick your favorite fragrances, though, because we have a feeling many scents will sell out far before then. 

The sale stock right now is focused on fall and winter scents, with a few all-seasons mixed in, too. If you're in a winter state of mind, options like [tempo-ecommerce src="" target="" class="onecms-affiliate-link" rel="noopener noreferrer">White<a href=" title=" " context="body" sid=""/]Winter Woods, Vanilla Balsam, and Apple Garland are warm and cozy. For those dreaming of warmer weather, there's Island Margarita, Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit, and Clementine Sherbet

If you're still not convinced, the hundreds of five-star reviews from Bath & Body Works shoppers might change your mind. Reviewers attest to the candles' strong but not overwhelming scent, cute packaging, and unbeatable throw. And you can't go wrong with the variety of options to choose from: "I'm hard pressed to name a Bath & Body Works candle I DON'T like," one reviewer wrote. 

Get these irresistibly scented, long-lasting candles for 50 percent off while they last during Bath & Body Works' Semi-Annual Sale.