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By Christie Calucchia
January 06, 2020
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While you might assume all interior designers only shop at expensive high-brow design showrooms, that’s not necessarily the case. Many love a good bargain just as much as the rest of us, and they know just how and where to find them.

In order to glean a bit of wisdom about sourcing affordable home decor from the pros, we sent three interior designers, Ginny Macdonald, Sarah Sherman Samuel (the designer responsible for Mandy Moore’s modern California abode), and Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48 on a virtual Amazon shopping spree. The only stipulation? They couldn’t spend more than $150.

With this hypothetical budget, the designers picked out affordable decorative items, organization essentials, and wall art, proving that stylish decor doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re ready for a lesson in shopping on a budget, keep scrolling to see all of the interior designer-approved Amazon home decor finds (and maybe even buy a few for yourself).

Ginny Macdonald: Pick One

“I love a good coffee table book and this one is close to my heart because it's from the Soho House group that started in the UK,” Macdonald says. “This book delves into all things related to the members club, from the decor (which is quintessentially British) to the food and drink they serve.”

To buy: $40;

Ginny Macdonald: Pick Two

“This tray is a good catchall for keys and sunglasses on an entry table. It could also be used as an actual tray for afternoon tea,” Macdonald explains. She’d style it on her coffee table with a candle and a cute match striker.

To buy: $18;

Ginny Macdonald: Pick Three

“I love these candles,” Macdonald says. “The jar itself is really lovely to display.”

To buy: $21;

Ginny Macdonald: Pick Four

“This little pedestal is the perfect accessory for styling,” Macdonald says. “It could be used as a plant stand on an entry table or even as a way to add height to a dining table when entertaining.” 

To buy: $21 (was $29);

Ginny Macdonald: Pick Five

“What I like about this cute bud vase is that it looks unique and handmade because of the uneven, imperfect shape. The glaze also has a slight unfinished quality to it so it feels like studio pottery,” she says.

To buy: $15;

Ginny Macdonald: Pick Six

“These bowls are beautiful and even though they are described as serving bowls, they could be used for a number of different things,” Macdonald explains. She recommends using one to hold an air plant and displaying it on top of a stack of books. 

To buy: $30 (was $32);

Sarah Sherman Samuel: Pick One

“Matisse’s cut paper work is a favorite of mine. I have a print hanging in my daughter’s room,” Sherman Samuel shares. “His way of simplifying form has influenced countless artists and this one happens to be Pantone’s color of the year so it still feels 100 percent current and fresh.”

To buy: $22;

Sarah Sherman Samuel: Pick Two

“I love the simple scalloped form of the vase,” she says, noting that it would look good holding a plant or simply on its own.

To buy: $28;

Sarah Sherman Samuel: Pick Three

“Wooden bowls are great to use as a catchall or styled on bookshelves or coffee tables,” Sherman Samuel explains. She likes the warmth that this material can bring to any space.

To buy: $48;

Rayman Boozer: Pick One

“This hourglass is a stylish and fun way to manage periodic social media breaks,” Boozer says. He suggests arranging it on top of a tray or decorative book to build layers.

To buy: $8;

Rayman Boozer: Pick Two

“For kids and adults alike, this Jonathan Adler decorative object is just plain cool,” says Boozer. “It's a versatile object that can hold office supplies, a sprig of leaves, or even a small tea candle.”

To buy: $88;

Rayman Boozer: Pick Three

“Simple, classic, and functional—this fixture emits warm, ambient light and functions equally well as a desk or bedside lamp,” he explains.

To buy: $26;

Rayman Boozer: Pick Four

Boozer recommends using these bright trays to organize messy paperwork and mail. They’re practical and offer a fun pop of color.

To buy: $38;