JWH 3D Sunflower Throw Pillow Hand Craft Accent Pillow Round Cushion Cover Decorative Pillowcase

The 2-Second Trick to Instantly Upgrading Your Couch

It’s perfect for spring.
By Andrea Marie
March 31, 2021
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Spring is officially here, and so are spring home trends. If you're looking to give your home a spring revamp, but not looking to spend a ton of cash or time, we have the perfect solution for you. Do you have a ton of pillows laying on your couch or bed? What if you went ahead and gave them some new covers? The two-second hack can instantly give any room a much-needed upgrade and refresh your entire space. Here are a few options from Amazon that won't burn a hole in your wallet and are absolutely perfect for spring. 


JWH Sunflower Throw Pillow


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. This adorable sunflower-shaped pillow cover can fit round pillows up to 14 inches. It’s available in a whopping 42 different colors, so there’s something for those who love pastels, gem tones, and everything in between. It’s known for its super soft texture thanks to a blend of wool, cotton, and velvet. With the invisible zipper closure, your guests will never know it’s just a cover. 


Home Brilliant Store Spring Pillow Covers


If you’re looking for a set of multiple pillow covers, you’ll be happy to know that this one comes with five different options. You can choose from 10 different colorways, including subtle green, oatmeal, and golden olive to name a few. This set features both striped and checkered patterns to add some life to your furniture. At 18 by 18 inches, these are perfect for square pillows that could use some new threads. 


Your Smile Classical Embroidery Jacquard Pillow Cover


This pillow cover is ideal for those who appreciate art throughout the home. The chenille leaf pattern resembles a watercolor design as if a painting were right on your pillow. The colors are more on the neutral side, but there are hints of teal and red throughout each option. It’s simple, yet will make all of the difference! Keep in mind that this is for rectangular pillows at 12 by 20 inches and square pillows at 18 by 18 inches. 


Vakado Plaid Throw Pillow Covers


Spring often calls for picnics, and these pillow covers keep that theme going. The plaid design resembles that of a classic picnic table cover, bringing the fun of spring festivities right into your home. If you prefer the classic red print, there’s that option, but for a more neutral spring look, you can opt for beige, mint green, sky blue, and more. The pillow covers are available in a variety of different sizes starting at 16 by 16 inches for square pillows, and 12 by 20 for rectangular ones.


Miulee Decorative Lumbar Throw Pillow Covers


Don’t worry minimalists, we’ve got something for you too. If you’re a fan of textures versus patterns, these chic pillow covers are for you. The cream-white color adds a subtle touch to your furniture, but if you’re looking to experiment, you can try yellow, light pink, orange, and many more. These are also designed for square pillows starting at 16 inches or rectangular pillows at 12 by 20 inches. 

Shop these pillow covers to dress your home up right in time for the rest of the spring season.