From hanging clothes racks to Moroccan throw pillows, these Airbnbs are full of great ideas for decorating your home. 

By Sophie Dodd
Updated April 25, 2018
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Fun fact: Airbnb is an excellent place to find (and steal) decorating ideas for your home. So we’ve combed through the popular vacation rental site for a range of inspiring interiors, from minimalist and modern, to chic and cozy. As you scroll through the photos of carefully curated shelves and such well-placed accents as Moroccan rugs and throw pillows, you’ll probably find some cool ideas to incorporate into your own space. (And hey, you might be inspired to actually book a vacation, too!)

Off-Grid Desert Retreat in Pioneertown, California

Photo: Gregg Segal
Gregg Segal

Say goodbye to modern distractions and hello to wide-open desert views. This remote and spacious Southern California retreat runs entirely on solar power and feels like a continuation of the natural landscape, thanks to glass walls and industrial decor that complements the sparseness of the surroundings. With no TV or Wi-Fi, there’s nothing to distract from the innovative architecture and its peaceful environs.

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Loft With a View in Paris, France

Photo: Julien Hausherr
Julien Hausherr

This Parisian loft’s charm comes from its interplay of classical and modern sensibilities (not to mention its jaw-dropping view of Montmartre and Sacré-Cœur). Exposed wooden beams, antique furniture, and an extensive library of leather-bound books contrast nicely with the sleek, stainless steel kitchen and contemporary tiled bathrooms.

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Bright and Spacious House in Silver Lake, California

Photo: Kate Berry
Kate Berry

Pops of color brighten up this otherwise white and airy Silver Lake home: a turquoise bathroom, pink floor cushions, lemon yellow chairs, bohemian rugs and furnishings, tile accents, and plenty of plants invite you to cozy up and take in the sweeping views of Los Angeles. The sunroom (here) is the ultimate place to chill out, with its wall-to-wall shag carpeting, lounge cushions, and a hanging hammock chair. A macramé plant holder and decorative pink pillow top off the room’s boho vibes.

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Bright and Modern Apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Santiago De La Vega
Santiago De La Vega

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish word for a mood of coziness and contentment brought on by life’s simple pleasures—a meal shared with loved ones or a morning cup of coffee sipped slowly in a relaxing environment—and this charming apartment was designed with that concept in mind. It’s filled with abundant natural light and done in a modern minimalist design. Rustic wooden accents invite you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings. A sleek kitchen promises a stress-free home-cooked meal, and a hanging clothes rack allows you to admire your cherished possessions while encouraging a streamlined, organized wardrobe.

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World-Famous Seashell House in Cancun, Mexico

Photo: Airbnb

This seashell-inspired house gives Ariel’s underwater castle a run for its money. Beyond the unique conch-structured exterior, each room takes you deeper into this beachy experience: mattresses rest on platforms made to look like beds of sand, and elaborate coral or shell-shaped headboards are carved out of the walls. Coral-print pillows and table bases bring to mind a Cape Cod summer cottage, but the novel design principle of this home is otherwise a whimsical departure from your average island getaway. Tile bathrooms feature conch-shell spouts, scallop-shell soap dishes, and shell-framed mirrors. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be part of Ariel’s world, this Cancun experience is sure to clue you in.

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Riad Kechmara in Marrakech, Morocco

Photo: Said

A vibrant color palette and elaborate decor reflect the vivid culture of Marrakesh and its bustling markets in this lavish Moroccan riad (a traditional home built around a central courtyard). Juxtaposed patterns and textures harmoniously build a unique sense of place, and ample seating invites you to lounge around with a cup of freshly-prepared mint tea. Ornate tile mosaics, handwoven rugs, and vintage lanterns abound, and while Moroccan-inspired poufs or rugs are easy enough to find online, while you're there, head into the labyrinth markets and try your hand at haggling for the authentic thing.

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The Joshua Tree House in Joshua Tree, California

Photo: The Joshua Tree House

This desert home is a bohemian paradise, featuring plenty of cacti, hanging bamboo chairs in the living room, expertly curated shelves, and area rugs that look as comfy as they are colorful. A pom-pom bedspread, hanging lantern, and colorful throw rug add Moroccan flair to the “Tent Room,” which imitates the glamping experience with a white canopy draped overhead. From the windows framed in Spanish tile to the charcoal-painted brick bathroom, each room invites you to linger on the details. For further inspo and tips on how to achieve a similar aesthetic in your own home, check out the beautiful book written by the couple who designed the house (bonus: it looks lovely on a coffee table!).

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