10 Coffee Table Accents on Amazon That Will Revamp Your Space-All Under $50

They’re more than just useless doodads.
By Tess Garcia
October 23, 2020
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Few things soothe my soul quite like redecorating my home. Even the smallest changes to my space completely transform how I move about my day, especially in light of the current work-from-home orders many of us are under. But interior design isn't always the most financially viable hobby-which is why I've turned to decorating my coffee table as an affordable, smaller-scale way to get my fix. If your desire for a mid-pandemic change of scenery is anywhere near as strong as mine, I'd recommend you do the same.

I picked a great moment to discover that Amazon is actually chock-full of affordable coffee table decor. No matter the layout, size, or style of your home, the site offers hundreds of accent pieces to suit whatever end goal you're aiming for. To make your life easier, we've rounded up 10 of the best options under $50. 

Don't be fooled: These are more than just useless nicknacks. Every item on this list-from storage trays to candle holders to coasters-serves a definitive purpose. They'll do a stellar job of consolidating your tabletop while adding some major style points along the way. Don't see what you're looking for? Check out Amazon's home decor best-sellers page for even more inspiration. 

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modern brass rectangle decorative ottoman serving tray
Credit: amazon.com

The Coffee Table Tray: Home Redefined Navy and Gold Brass Ottoman


This 18-by-12-inch tray looks way more expensive than it actually is, thanks to an embossed faux leather exterior and gold-colored stainless steel accents. It'll make your coffee table clutter look far more contained and, dare I say, artful. And with over 2,000 perfect ratings, you can trust that it's a purchase fellow Amazon shoppers endorse.

gem natural agate bookends office decor
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The Decorative Bookends: JIC Gem 2 to 3 Lbs Natural Agate Bookends


These geode bookends aren't heavy enough to damage your coffee table, but they still have enough weight to hold all of your favorite reads in place. Reviewers say they add a rustic, elegant touch to any setup. Sandwich a few books between them, or take an unconventional approach and lay one on top of a stack of magazines.

lifver drink coasters
Credit: amazon.com

The Best Coasters: Lifver Ceramic Drink Coasters, 6 Pieces


These marble-print ceramic coasters feature scratch- and slide-free cork backs, along with an absorbent surface that sops up moisture before it can even reach your table. At just $15 for a pack of six, they practically pay for themselves. "Never has any condensation run over the sides," one reviewer wrote. "Throwing all other coasters away!"

rustic wood remote control caddy
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The Remote Control Caddy: MyGift Rustic Wood Remote Control Caddy


Just because remote control holders are practical doesn't mean they have to look uncomfortably utilitarian. This three-slot option is about as shabby-chic as they come, while still doing its job exactly as you'd expect. Reviewers say it can hold two full-size remotes in the back two slots and up to two smaller ones in its front slot.

lulu candles
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The Candle: Lulu Candles Fresh Linen Scented Soy Jar Candle


We previously declared this Lulu Soy Jar candle as one of the best candles of 2020, and its reviews make it clear as to why: More than 11,000 people gave the candle a perfect rating for its sleek design, mellow scent, and long burn time. "This Fresh Linen scented candle is everything I thought I needed and more," said one shopper.

sullivans small ceramic vase
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The Ceramic Vase Set: Sullivans Small Ceramic Vase Set


When you do the math on this set of three vases, each one comes out to just over $12 apiece. That's not half bad for a purchase shoppers have called the "perfect pieces for home decor." At three varying heights-five, 7.5, and 10 inches tall-they look great whether they're displayed together or separately, and empty or filled with flowers.

tealight candle holders tray set
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The Candle Holders: Iyara Craft Tealight Candle Holders with Tray, Set of 3


The three rope-adorned candle holders in this set come with tealight candles already placed inside, which makes it a great value. Plus, reviewers love the look of the rustic twine accents and convenient matching tray that comes with them. Looking to add a personal touch? Replace the included candles with new ones in your favorite scents

iron sculpture accent piece
Credit: amazon.com

The Coffee Table Art: Danya B Small Iron Sculpture

$36 (WAS $73), AMAZON.COM

This timeless paperweight-meets-sculpture was created with bookworms in mind. Currently discounted by a whopping 51 percent, there's no time like the present to buy it. "I took a chance on this and was amazed at the quality," said a shopper. "A very substantial piece, beautifully crafted and exactly the gift to show appreciation for their love of books."

modernlife luxurious candle accessory set
Credit: amazon.com

The Candle Accessories: Modernlife Rose Gold Candle Accessory Set


Metallic decor has been having a moment for a good few years now, and this set of rose gold candle accessories fits the bill perfectly. Made from durable stainless steel, the set includes a wick trimmer, candle dipper, candle snuffer, and opulent oval-shaped tray to hold it all. It'll keep each of your candles looking sharp while making a statement on its own. 

acelist glass photo frame
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The Picture Frames: AceList Set of 3 Metal Geometric Photo Frames


These pressed glass floating frames can hold everything from candid photos to dried flowers, and they come in an assortment of sizes that will accommodate whatever you'd like to display. Not to mention, they look aesthetically pleasing from every angle due to their gold wire propping system.