Space of the Week: A Retro A-Frame Turns Into a Cozy, Modern Family Retreat

This rec room uses soothing pastels and warm wood tones to make its point.

A-Frame Space of the Week
Photo: Paul and Kristy Benson

Paul and Kristy Benson, the husband-and-wife design team behind the Instagram account @bensondwelling, love the retro vibes of an A-frame, so they jumped at the chance to buy this getaway in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains. The home's peak feature is the family lounge, where everyone congregates and kicks back for movie nights. (There's a hideaway projection screen mounted on one of the beams.) Here's how they transformed the space from top to bottom.

living room with wood and white walls, blush sofa
Paul and Kristy Benson

Walls That Wow

It's tricky to hang art on an angled surface, so the Bensons turned the 26-foot walls into art by sanding them to bring out the wood grain. White beams add contrast to the expanse of cedar.

A Pretty Palette

Soft colors balance out the angular architecture and keep the room feeling light and playful. A blush sectional grounds the space, while pops of orange and green brighten in up.

A Is for Aerie

To make the most of the room's height, the Bensons put a guest-bed loft at the tippy-top, accessible by a bookshelf-staircase creation they built. Vibrant bedding beckons visitors up to the loft.

One of a Kind

The couple handmade many items (like those stairs and the coffee table), scoured Facebook Marketplace for vintage finds, and upgraded store-bought pieces (swapping out sofa feet for a set from Lowe's, for example).

Get the Look:

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Cali-Cool Bookshelves

Dolly Wooden Bookcase
Crate & Barrel

Inspired by the Bensons' space, this bookcase will introduce natural wood tones and soothing library vibes to a living room or hangout area. Intersperse your family's favorite books with colorful collectibles to add a personal touch to the display.

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On-Trend Pillows

Round Gold Velvet Pillow
World Market

Velvet pillows in playful forms, whether round, triangular, or shell-shaped, are having a moment right now. Pick one of these affordable, pleated pillows in a color that complements the rest of your decor.

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A Light Pink Lounge

Blush Sectional Sofa

With soft pink upholstery and wooden legs, this spacious sectional looks light and airy.

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Curved Coffee Table

Round Pedestal Coffee Table
West Elm

To create a kid-friendly rec room, opt for a rounded coffee table with no sharp edges. Choose from either a light ash or rich walnut finish—and a 30 or 40-inch diameter to fit your specific space.

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Pretty Plants

Bloomscape Prickly Pear Cactus

To bring a sculptural touch to any room, select house plants with interesting silhouettes, like this prickly pear cactus. Even better: this plant is relatively low-maintenance and can tolerate infrequent watering.

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