7 Pieces of 3D Art Found on Etsy

Decorate beyond the frame using one (or some) of these quirky, three-dimensional works of art. Best of all, they won’t break the bank.


Shape Shifter


This decorative mobile can be hung directly on the wall or from the ceiling in an elegant nursery or even a grown-up powder room. The unique, organic shapes of pastel paper and gold foil accents will catch the light of the setting sun or sway in the breeze from an open window.

To buy: $44, etsy.com.

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3D Wall Art Hexagon Tiles


At only 4.5” wide, consider placing these geometric, plaster tiles in a non-traditional spot—perhaps one that is too narrow for your favorite frame. Be advised: One package comes with five white tiles and one copper painted accent tile, so order a few sets to cover a larger surface area.

To buy: $40, etsy.com.

Photo by etsy.com

Handmade Woven Wall Hanging


Add texture to the walls and an extra bit of fringed flair with this abstract wool weaving. At less than a foot wide and 18-inches long, it won’t overwhelm the space, just elevate it. Best of all, it’s easy to install with just one nail.

To buy: $34, etsy.com.

Photo by etsy.com


Large Wooden Elephant Head


Hang this playful creature in your child’s room and let their imagination run wild. The faux-taxidermy head requires no tools to assemble and is customizable—spray paint it a solid color or collage the surface to tailor it to your child's personal taste.

To buy: $40, etsy.com.

Photo by etsy.com

Indigo Blue Spun Wool JuJu Hat


Accent a playfully patterned room with this solid-colored wool-and-yarn art piece. It’s an affordable alternative to the trendy (and traditionally pricey) feather versions, but still adds texture and style to your space. Hang a few in a grouping or a single piece above your bed.

To buy: $119, etsy.com.

Photo by etsy.com

Modern Hoop Art Monstera Plant in Pot


Don’t have a green thumb or any time to water houseplants? Bring greenery into your space with this hoop art wall piece instead. With its clean and delicate design, it will stand out within a gallery-style arrangement.

To buy: $68, etsy.com.

Photo by etsy.com


Tassel Mobile


This mobile has hippie flair your baby boomer mother would be proud of. Made of dip-dyed tassels, this piece is a stylish inexpensive addition to any space. Consider hanging it in a window or from a covered porch to show it off to the rest of the neighborhood.

To buy: $38, etsy.com.

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Photo by etsy.com