It was a year of many fun decor trends, but these are the 10 we have to admit we're just a little tired of seeing. 

By Allison Ingram
Updated December 20, 2017
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Ah, 2017—the year we embraced all things textured, punchy, and muted pink, readily forfeiting practicality in the name of an Instagram-ready aesthetic. We’re not one to judge—there is still a time and place for rose gold and succulents! But as we prep and promise for the next 365 days, there are a few design fades we hope don’t make it past the holidays. Some are of-the-moment trends we’re ready to move on from, while others are repeat offenders it’s time to settle once and for all.

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Draping textured material on the wall might seem like a quick (and affordable) design fix now, but we have a feeling the trend will feel dated by the time you pull out next year’s Christmas trimmings. To save money, skip this design trend that won't last too long, and invest in more timeless options worth indulging.

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In 2017, millennial pink was the color many people loved to hate. While we couldn't get enough of this muted hue all year, the buzz will inevitably simmer, leaving us with a plethora of blush pillows and bedding, all calling cards of the year past.

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While we love the look of open shelving, it isn't the most practical option to maintain year after year. We might resolve to become more organized in 2018, but it's difficult to sustain the upkeep open shelving mandates. Keep cabinet doors for clean-lined practicality, rather than ascribe to an aspirational aesthetic.

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Okay, we're not saying to abandon all of the adorable succulents you collected in 2017 (don't even dare), but it may be time to look at the other plants that are out there. You don't have to rid your house of all beloved succulents, but use sparingly and purposefully, and introduce some other varieties. When you're ready to diversify your collection, check out these seven unusual plants you can order online.


These emerald-green festoons were the unexpected motif of the year, and people went gaga over the vivid, yet distinct design. As pretty as it is, we’re ready for new pattern play in the coming year, and are leaving the palm greenery to beachside retreats.

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Clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and modern fixtures are a surefire recipe for a calming kitchen, but too much white can quickly become clinical rather than homey. Embrace a space that’s a bit softer around the edges in the New Year, and let more personality into this room.


We’re looking at you, rose gold. Rather than choose super polished fixtures and cabinet pulls, choose options with a touch of patina for a more timeless look. You’ll thank yourself down the road for making your dollars last.


When does tasteful embellishment become overkill? 2017 saw its fair share of bookends, knobs, coasters, and even wallpaper infused with this jewel-toned variation. Rather than speckle your home with the trendy gems, opt for au natural in the New Year with true organic stone-colored accents.


Let’s all pledge to fill our plates with fruit, and not our bookshelves, walls, and coffee tables. This year, we had supermarket levels of poppy avocados, metallic pineapples, stitched watermelons, and generously placed grapefruits. Cute as it may be, we're looking forward to a fresh motif in 2018.

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Faux fur pillows may look glamorous, but the second they get dirty, they instantly don't. Does anyone really enjoy grooming their throw pillows? Embellish with other, less labor-intensive materials, and save yourself from cleaning-day headaches in 2018.