Amazon Shoppers Claim This $45 Mattress Protector Is the Secret to Keeping Cool All Night

Sweaty sleepers, rejoice! The key to sleeping soundly—and comfortably—through the night may be as simple as investing in this cooling mattress protector.

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Coop Home Goods Mattress Protector

While mattresses made with memory foam or plush pillow tops may feel comfy, they're not always the best for keeping you cool through the night. In fact, their dense materials may be trapping your body heat and causing you to wake up sweaty and frustrated. But rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars to buy a new bed or cushy mattress topper, Amazon shoppers say this inexpensive cover is all you need to create the cozy but cool space you need to sleep better.

Over 1,600 Amazon shoppers gave Coop Home Goods' $45 mattress protector five-star reviews praising its high-quality materials and noiseless design, but what they love most is obvious—its breathable, cooling bamboo fabric. Unlike other protectors or mattress accessories, which can retain heat, this affordable option stays cool and encourages airflow.

"I am one of those people that generates a lot of body heat when I sleep, so I am happy to report this mattress pad has been perfect," one reviewer wrote. "It does not make me hot at night! I guess that "cooling ultra-tech bamboo blend" really does work. Highly recommend this product!"

Coop Home Goods Mattress Protector

To buy: $45;

"Recently purchased a nice 10 inch memory foam type mattress. Loved the support it provides, but woke up hot each morning, ugh!" another chimed in. "This mattress protector solved that—it makes my new mattress feel comfortable like it should. I wake up refreshed instead of sweaty. If you need to cool down your memory foam, this will do the trick."

The top-rated mattress protector comes from Coop Home Goods, the makers behind Amazon's best-selling shredded memory foam pillow, which also features a lightweight cover made from the same material. Both best-sellers are just two of the brand's many top-rated cooling bedding pieces fabricated with the company's popular bamboo material.

And unlike other options on the market, this cooling cover provides heavy duty protection against spills and allergens, but it feels—and sounds—like nothing is there. "I am very picky when it comes to these because I cannot stand sleeping on something that crinkles or feels like you're sleeping on plastic," one reviewer wrote. "This protector is so soft to sleep on and easy to wash. I feel like I'm sleeping on my mattress alone."

While nothing will stop you from sweating entirely, investing in this $45 mattress topper will help to keep things cool and protect one of the most expensive pieces in your home. And it may be just the thing to help you sleep through the night, which in our books, is priceless.

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