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Credit: The Container Store

Whether you need to get your closet organized in your bedroom, kid’s room, or guestroom, The Container Store shared its expert tips to get your closet mess under control. And luckily, the store is having its massive closet sale to help you get the job done right on time for spring cleaning season.

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Credit: The Container Store

1 Measure Your Space

Use a tape measure to measure the width, depth, and height of your closet space and shelves. Don’t forget to make note of any obstructions like alcoves and shelves. No one wants to invest in a bunch of new organizers, only to find that they won't fit into your closet.

2 Clean It Out

The first step in organizing any space is to take everything out. Follow the one-year rule to purge outdated clothes or garments that don't fit. If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, it’s safe to say it’s time to get rid of it. To do this, make four piles: One for things to keep, one for seasonal clothes and shoes, one for donations, and one for things to throw out. Also do this with items that don't belong in the closet.

3 Line the Shelf

To add visual interest, line your closet shelves with a patterned or scented shelf liner paper. Not only does it add a finished look to your closet, but it will keep clothes smelling fresh and make it easier to clean the shelf.

4 Maximize Vertical Space

Don’t let valuable space go to waste. Instead, keep items from toppling over by storing handbags and seasonal sweaters and shoes in stacking drawers, stacking shelves, or labeled bins. Moving seasonal items to the top shelf will also clear hanging space on your closet rod. Better yet, store them under your bed with a rolling under-bed storage box or in another space with a garment rack. If most of your clothes don't hang too low, add an extra closet rod to increase your hanging area. Add-on, cascading, and slim profile hangers are other good ways to save space. Finally, give yourself the benefit of drawers in your closet by using hanging shoe organizers. Cubbies can also give you easy access to items while making the most of vertical space. 

5 Make Use of the Floor

Stacking shoe shelves are an easy way to keep extra shoes from getting lost in your closet while keeping them in sight. A shoe cabinet can save even more space and makes great use of vertical space. And if you have room, you’ll find it convenient to store a short hamper beneath your hanging clothes. You can even tuck a folding step stool in the corner if you have trouble reaching the top shelf.

6 Don't Forget the Doors

Your closet doors are an ideal place to store everything from your robe to accessories, jewelry, and shoes. And if you’re organizing a kid’s closet, it’s a great place to put hair accessories and a backpack. Choose from an over-the-door hanger or something that mounts on the door directly. Try a hook rack to corral belts, scarves, and hats. For a tool-free solution: Use adhesive hooks so you don't have to screw or nail anything permanently to the door.