These temporary solutions are little life savers.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated April 13, 2018
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Chances are, you’ve likely used a Command™ hook to hang a piece of art before—they’re the go-to method for hanging wall decor in a dorm room, rental, or other space where drilling holes and repainting the walls is a no-go. But did you know that these temporary, removable wall hooks can do a lot more than that? Not just for rental apartments, Command™ Brand hooks are ideal for those who like to rearrange their decor, are indecisive decorators, or just want to add extra storage without punching more holes in the walls. Here are six ways they can help you get organized.


Organize (and Show Off) Your Jewelry Collection

This decorative jewelry holder ($9, with crystal knobs looks gorgeous whether or not it's holding your collection of beautiful necklaces. In a small space, this organizer doubles as storage and a glitzy display. 

East Coast Creative for Command Brand

Hold Knick-Knacks or Desk Essentials

These little wall-hanging ledges ($20; are strong enough to hold treasured collectibles—but they're designed to remove easily from the wall without leaving a mark. In a small space, consider installing one next to your bed to hold your phone or an alarm clock, and add a couple above your desk to stash pens or a notebook. 


Hang Curtains in Under a Minute

Hanging curtains is the easiest way to make an apartment or new house feel instantly homier. But if you aren't ready to start drilling into the molding (or haven't unpacked your tool kit just yet), use heavy-duty hooks ($19; as a temporary fix.

As a Handbag Holder

To make a cramped entryway more efficient, we added a simple white Command™ Brand hook for holding a favorite handbag or scarf. This way, as you head out the door, all of the essentials will be easy to grab on your way out.


Maximize Your Under-Sink Storage

If the cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink is a mess of cleaning supplies, let these temporary hooks help. Add a hook to hold a cleaning cloth, another to hold a spray bottle ($5;, and a hanging dish ($9; to stash a sponge. The next time you want to do a quick clean, all of the supplies will be easy to find. 


Simplify for Shower Storage

As long as the tile in your shower is properly cleaned and prepped first, Command™ Brand hooks can even work in the shower. Use hooks to hold a loofah or squeegee, then look for specialized products designed to hold soap ($13; and toiletries ($23;