This drink dispenser can fit a gallon of liquid, and when you're done you just fold it up and toss it in your bag.

By Alex Richards
Updated June 21, 2018
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Collapsible Drink Dispenser for Beach Trips and Picnics

With summer finally here, it’s time for end-of-school barbecues, camping trips, picnics under the stars, soccer games, and lots of trips to the beach. Although I never leave home without my trusty water bottle, festive occasions call for festive drinks, and that’s why I’m obsessed with this collapsible drink dispenser from Pocket Bottles ($13; It’s so great, I’ve even brought it with me on vacation.

Maybe you’re thinking: Why would anyone stuff a giant drink dispenser in their suitcase? But, the fact that it’s collapsible is what makes the dispenser a must-have. The sturdy, BPA-free, accordion-style plastic product can hold up to a gallon of anything from water, to your favorite lemonade, iced tea, or a kicked-up punch.

It’s durable enough to take camping, but also cute enough to display on the table (it comes in green, red, blue, and yellow), and has a sturdy handle for carrying it around from place to place. A gallon can go a long way, but when you’ve finally drained it of the last drop, the accordion-style design easily collapses, which saves major storage space.

In the past, I’ve stocked up on plastic bottles and cans, but I love how reusable this is. I can whip up a fancy drink at home (which is less processed than juice boxes, etc), then pour it into the collapsible drink dispenser and feel better about my impact on the environment.