Not every bedroom comes equipped with a closet. Fortunately, armoires, wardrobes, hanging racks, and more are out there to fix this potential clothes organizing disaster.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated October 18, 2018
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Figuring out clothes storage ideas when you don’t have a closet isn't impossible. Nor should the lack of closets be a deal breaker when you're shopping for a new home or apartment. Just because a space is light on closets doesn’t mean you should pass it up. There are tons of alternative storage solutions to a closet-less home... you just need to know where to look. (A little creativity doesn’t hurt, either.)

From wardrobes to armoires to rolling hanging racks, these clothes storage ideas can turn an organizational disaster into a design triumph—just make sure all your hangers match.


This glamorized clothing rack has a slightly more traditional look than the standard rack, so you don’t have to bring a metal colossus into your bedroom if it doesn’t suit the space. If you keep your hanging clothes arranged by color, they’ll have a pretty frame to hang in with this wardrobe. It even has drawers, so shoes or other foldable items have a place of their own.

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If downsizing to suit your closet-less space isn’t quite your speed, order something with enormous clothing storage potential. This contemporary armoire has a sleek silhouette that, with the right surroundings, could fool people into thinking it’s a custom built-in. Inside, it has shelves, drawers, and clothing rods, so every item in your extensive clothing collection has a good-looking home.

To buy: $930;


Affordable, customizable, and sleek, this wardrobe can serve both as a dresser and a closet (as long as your clothing collection runs on the small side). The full-length mirror door eliminates the need for a separate mirror, and IKEA offers plenty of complementary organizers that fit inside the wardrobe, so you can adapt this clothes storage solution to suit your needs.

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Pared-down clothing collections will fit nicely on this durable rack, which is sleek enough that it won’t stand out in a minimalist space but still sturdy enough to stay strong under the weight of a slew of hangers, coats, and more.

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Set this glamorous wardrobe in a bedroom, living room, dining room, or office for utilitarian clothes storage that is also eye-grabbing enough to feel more like a piece of art than an organizing tool. The luxe brass pulls will make getting dressed every day feel more like a treat and less like a chore, and a hi-gloss lacquer finish will keep this piece looking brand new for years to come.

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The wheels on this utilitarian hanging rack make it ideal for storing off-season coats, boots, and more in spaces that are relatively climate-controlled, such as the garage. When the seasons change and it’s time to wear those coats again, you can easily roll the rack into your bedroom, living room, or other dressing space. It’s also easy to hide in a spare bedroom or unused kitchen when guests come over.

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The last thing you want in a room with no closet is a huge, bulky storage unit that adds visual clutter to the space. This understated manufactured wood armoire won’t stand out in a room, and it offers shelved storage space that can organize extra towels, sheets, sweaters, pillows, and more. The metal hardware and wood accents only add to its visual appeal.

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