Find out what’s causing chaos in your closet and how to fix it with the help of professional organizer Shira Gill. 

By Marla Christiansen
August 27, 2018
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Let’s face it—no matter the size, closets are prone to messes. Given our busy schedules, at some point during the week, clothing is bound to get stashed away in a hurry and wind up in a crumpled pile or the wrong place. Even with the best intentions, maintaining order in our closets often falls to the wayside. After all, it’s not every day that guests get to see what’s behind closed doors.

Pinterest-worthy photos aside, a properly organized closet can have some serious benefits, like speeding up our morning routines or keeping clothing from getting wrinkled and wrecked. If an organized closet has always eluded you, you’re not alone. That’s why we turned to professional home organizer Shira Gill for some help. With experience in transforming hundreds of homes, Shira has a special knack for creating beautiful, boutique-like closets. Her talent for freeing closets from clutter has repeatedly translated into sleeker style and more mindful living. We asked Shira for a list of common closet mistakes and how to remedy each. Here’s what she had to say. 

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