My morning routine is now much easier. 

By Katie Holdefehr
September 06, 2018
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When I decided to join the September #RSOrganizing Challenge in honor of our new book, The Real Simple Method to Organizing Every Room, I knew there was one space I absolutely had to tackle: my disaster of a bedroom closet. Overflowing with stuff—reusable bags, clothes I hadn't worn in years, extra duvet inserts—the task seemed so daunting I almost skipped it in favor of an easier-to-organize space. But I knew that if I actually buckled down and decluttered my chaotic closet, it would help me get ready faster (and with less swearing). Determined to wrangle my messy closet as quickly as possible during part of Labor Day weekend, here are all of the closet organizer ideas that made the space more manageable. The result: For $56 and one trip to The Container Store, I've been able to shave minutes off of my get-ready routine. 

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