5 Brilliant Organization Ideas to Steal From the Tidiest Closets

These genius hacks will help you create the closet of your dreams. 

Real Organized Challenge Organized Closet
Photo: Laurey W.Glenn

Instagram is a treasure trove of impossibly tidy closets, but instead of feeling jealous of these orderly spaces, why not go ahead and steal their brilliant organization ideas for your own cluttered closet? Borrow the jewelry organizing hack from one and the pants hanging trick from another to build a custom closet that fits everything you own. To get started, we rounded up a few of our favorite closet organization ideas spotted on Instagram, plus where to buy them so you don't have to hunt through the Container Store. Add one or all five ideas to your closet to shave minutes off of your get-ready routine.

Install a Wall-Hanging Wire Grid

This closet created by the organizing pros at Practically Perfect is full of smart ideas to steal, but the one that's really catching our eye is the wall-hanging board that holds jewelry and accessories. The one pictured is part of the Elfa closet system, which lets you customize your storage solution with baskets, shoe racks, and hooks.

Add Shelf Dividers

Try to imagine what the top shelf of your closet looks like right now. Is it one giant jumble of sweaters, handbags, and jeans? To sort out the mess, invest in a few clear shelf dividers, like organizer Shira Gill did in the closet above. Try these clear ones from the Container Store ($11, containerstore.com) that will make it easy to see what's on the shelf.

Rethink Your Denim Storage

If you're still folding your jeans on a shelf or in a drawer, take a tip from the organizing company Horderly and buy a hanging organizer that makes it easier to find the pants you're looking for. Order a similar pants rack on Bed Bath and Beyond ($30, bedbathandbeyond.com), then stock up on woven baskets because that shoe storage idea is genius.

Hack a Jewelry Rack

If you have an extensive collection of statement necklaces, follow Kim Cox of the Gracious Living Guide's lead and repurpose a belt organizer into a hanging jewelry rack. Plus, this belt hanger from the Container Store ($10, containerstore.com) comes in several different wood options, so you can order one that matches the hangers you already own.

Be Honest About Your Collections

For some of us, a small shoe rack is all we need to house our entire shoe collection, but for others, that just won't cut it. When you're decluttering your closet, count out how many pairs of shoes you need to store, and consider ditching the shoe rack in favor of an entire shoe shelving unit. This sleek white shelving unit is tall and narrow ($60, homedepot.com), so it will fit easily into your closet. And if it's your handbag collection that's overflowing off the shelves? Invest in a clear acrylic divider for stashing clutches and wallets ($35, containterstore.com).

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