Work from Home? Here Are 2 Things You Can Clean Less Often (Plus 6 You Should Clean More)

Here's how WFH affects weekly cleaning routines.

Working from home is an absolute dream for introverts, pet lovers, and the owners of oceanfront properties. But there is a less dreamy aspect: Being home more means cleaning more. Even so, there's a bright side here, too: There are two expensive and annoying cleaning tasks that you won't have to deal with as often. And here are some tips for how to make the best of the extra housework.

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Clean Less: Dry-Clean-Only Clothing

When was the last time you slipped into a power suit? Yeah, we thought so, which means you're saving a fortune on dry cleaning. On the off chance you need to refresh a piece of dry-clean-only clothing, try the new Woolite 20 Minute Dry Care Cleaner.

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Clean Less: Your Car

Who doesn't avoid cleaning their car? Contrary to what you see in music videos and teen movies, this activity is actually no fun at all. But if you have a remote job and a garage, your car is probably looking pristine. Congrats!

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Clean More: Dishes

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes?! Even your dishwasher is groaning from fatigue. Make it easier to load the dishwasher by getting on a schedule. Unload in the morning, then throughout the day, separate and soak breakfast and lunch dishes and silverware. Load the dishwasher before dinner to keep the sink clear while you're cooking, then make sure to load the remaining dinner dishes and run it every night.

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Clean More: Bathroom

Keeping the bathroom from becoming a disaster zone takes a little bit of maintenance. But taking a minute to wipe down the toilet and sink at the end of each day will make your weekly deep-clean that much easier. Also, stock up on toilet paper and paper towels.

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Clean More: Laptop and Keyboard

Less is more when cleaning electronics like a laptop. Fancy cleaners might not be safe for all screen types, so use a slightly damp (not wet) microfiber cloth to remove any fingerprints. Compressed air can help clean out any gunk between the keys of the keyboard, and a slightly damp microfiber cloth can wipe away smudges. Making it a weekly ritual means less icky buildup!

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Clean More: AirPods and Earbuds

If you're on the phone a lot, clean your AirPods or earbuds at the end of each day. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the outside and use a dry cotton swab to clean out any grooves. A soft-bristled toothbrush (that's for cleaning only) can be used to clear out the mesh covers.

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Clean More: Coffeemaker

You're saving money on buying coffee (which is a win!), but using your coffeemaker more often means you'll want to clean it more often. Try to do this at least once a month.

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Clean More: Floors

When you work from home all day long, hair, dirt, and dust bunnies tend to collect on the floor. To take a dent out of vacuuming, grab a smaller handheld vacuum, like this powerful Black & Decker option, whenever you have a few minutes. Every little bit helps, especially if you have pet fur to deal with, too. But isn't it worth it, to have your faithful furry friend around all day?

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