Including the cutest dish brush we've ever seen.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 25, 2019
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Just when Real Simple editors thought they'd seen every quirky cleaning tool under the sun, they discovered these five kooky-yet-clever cleaning gadgets. From a simple tool for snaking a drain, to the easiest way to clean your Keurig machine, here are five finds you never knew you needed in your life. But don't let appearances deceive you—the adorable Angry Mama tool works wonders at steam-cleaning a microwave, while that cute llama dish sponge will really get dishes sparkling. Order a few of the gadgets below, then get ready for your cleaning routine not only to get a little easier but also a little more fun.



This duo may look cute, but they're actually powerful cleaning tools. When placed in the microwave, the Angry Mama releases steam from the top of her head, loosening sauce splatters and spills so the appliance is easy to wipe clean. The Cool Mama can be filled with baking soda and placed in the refrigerator to keep the appliance smelling fresh. 

To buy: $16 for duo,



Washing the dishes probably isn't your favorite household chore, but when your sponge looks this cute, the dreaded task gets a little more enjoyable. Plus, it will make you smile every time you see this llama sitting next to your kitchen sink. 

To buy: $12,



Cleaning your Keurig coffee machine just got much easier. Sure, you can try the white vinegar trick, or you can order these rinse pods that do all of the work for you. If you use your Keurig to make everything from coffee to iced tea, these cleansing pods will reduce flavor carry-over between beverages. 

To buy: $7 for 10 pods,



This cleaning gadget may look like a glorified pipe cleaner, but according to its rave reviews on Amazon, this brush works wonders at cleaning the dirt and dust that's collecting on the track of your sliding door. Here's an easy solution for cleaning one of those tricky spots we all forget about. 

To buy: $9,

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Shower drain clogged with hair? This innovative drain snaking device is flexible and barbed, so it can bend around pipes, all the while catching onto hair and debris. 

To buy: $6 for 3,