Complete Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

An 11-step guide to cleaning three rooms (yes, three!) in just a few hours or over a few days.

Complete Cleaning Checklist silo
  • Dust the furnishings.

    Start with the furniture (tables, dressers, bookshelves) and then move on to the electronics (stereo, television, cable box), wiping down the outsides with a microfiber cloth. Don't worry too much about what's inside the furniture: You'll get to that later.

  • Sanitize the telephone and remote controls.

    Use a disinfecting wipe. Phones and remote controls for electronics and video-game equipment are germ magnets and are frequently overlooked when cleaning.

  • Clean the upholstery.

    Wipe it all down with a moistened microfiber cloth. If your sofa, chairs, and ottomans seem unusually soiled, go over the fabric with a dry-cleaning sponge.

  • Do the windows.

    Wash with glass cleaner spritzed on newspaper or use a solution of dishwashing liquid and water and a squeegee.

  • Dust the fixtures.

    Swipe an extendable duster over light fixtures, ceiling fans, and recessed lighting. (Be sure to turn a fixture off before you dust it.)

  • Dust inside drawers.

    Open furniture doors and drawers and dust the insides with a cloth and cleaner.

  • Vacuum the drapes and blinds.

    Use a low setting and a brush attachment. You can also dust the blinds with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Dust any photographs or artwork.

    Run a duster or a dust-mop cloth around the frames. Spritz glass cleaner onto a microfiber cloth or a wad of newspaper and wipe the glass.

  • Vacuum the mattress and bedsprings.

    Using the brush attachment, go over the entire surface in long, horizontal strokes, paying special attention to the indented or buttoned areas.

  • Change the sheets.

    Or shake them out over the bedroom floor. This will remove dust and dust mites. Then vacuum the bedroom floor, especially around the perimeter of the bed, which is a haven for mites

  • Vacuum the floors.

    Use a brush attachment on uncarpeted areas. And don't forget the hidden spots: Move big pieces of furniture and vacuum underneath. Appliance wheels or casters come in handy for shifting heavy sofas and chairs.

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