We Tested Target's New Cleaning Product Line—And Will Never Use Harsh-Smelling Sprays Again

Everspring, Target's line of eco-friendly cleaning products, arrives just in time for Earth Day.

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Just in time for Earth Day, Target wants to make our spring cleaning routines a little more eco-friendly. The superstore's brand-new line of cleaning products, Everspring, is plant-based and more eco-friendly than traditional chemical-filled formulas. Plus, every spray bottle, dish soap, and container of cleaning wipes is wrapped in beautifully designed labels, with the majority of the packaging created from 50 percent or more recycled material. But do they really work? And how do they smell? We decided to put the new products to the test to find out.

When the new Everspring products landed on my desk at the Real Simple office, I immediately bust into the pack of multi-purpose cleaning wipes and started handing them out. Of course, my coworkers never turn down an opportunity to do a little impromptu desk cleaning, so we set to scrubbing. With scents like Lemon & Mint and Citrus & Basil, the wipes smell noticeable better than similar options from other brands. They easily wiped away dust, crumbs, and even some sticky residue on my desk. And although they appear slightly sudsier than other cleaning wipes I've used, I was happy to see that my desk dried quickly, without any soapiness left behind. As if working well and smelling great wasn't enough, the wipes are also compostable, making them less wasteful than other cleaning wipes on the market.

Up next, I tested the Everspring multi-purpose cleaning spray ($3 each). The Lavender & Bergamot scent immediately caught my eye, and the minute I spritzed it on my bathroom counter, I was convinced. The soothing lavender aroma reminded me more of a spa day than a deep-cleaning session. While I had only intended to wipe down the counter quickly, I ended up cleaning the toilet lid and bathtub ledge, too, just to confirm that the smell was as good as I thought. Spoiler: it was. And now I have to admit, Everspring is giving my beloved Grove Collaborative spray some very tough competition.

In addition to cleaning wipes and sprays, the new collection offers more than 70 items, including hand soap. The foaming hand soaps are not as beautifully scented as the liquid hand soaps, so if good-smelling products are a priority for you, opt for the regular hand soap and skip the foam. With Everspring's new products in my cleaning caddy and on my bathroom counter, my bathroom has never looked cleaner or smelt better.

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