Who knew cleaning could be so fun?

By Sarah Yang
Updated February 03, 2017
Mr Clean/YouTube

The Super Bowl has a little something for just about everyone: football for sports fans, party snacks for foodies, Lady Gaga’s halftime show for pop culture enthusiasts, and of course, million-dollar commercials for all. From what we’ve seen of the commercials so far, they range from wow-worthy, tearjerking, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and downright bizarre. And we can’t wait to see the rest on Sunday—and talk about them in the office on Monday.

If you’re a neat-freak, you’ll really enjoy this year’s offerings of entertaining cleaning ads from brands like Mr. Clean, Tide, and Febreze. You might even see some familiar faces in these TV spots. So before you gear up for your Super Bowl bash, take a peek at these three ads below.

Mr. Clean
In its first-ever Super Bowl ad, the Mr. Clean brand gets a sexy makeover. Mr. Clean shimmies and dances while tidying up a woman’s house. She’s totally entranced…until she wakes up from her daydream to see her husband.

We all know the bathroom line can get pretty long in the precious minutes between the halftime whistle and before the performer gets on stage. And we also all know how the room can get pretty, um, unpleasant after it’s received a lot of visitors. Enter the new Febreze to save the day.

While Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski won’t be getting any airtime on the field, since he’s injured, he is getting plenty of screen time in a few Super Bowl commercials, including this Tide one. Here, he owns a drycleaning business, where he turns Jeffrey Tambor’s shirt into a sleeveless one (to Tambor’s chagrin).