And dare we call a gold and resin toilet brush "luxe"?

By Katie Holdefehr
September 25, 2019
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There are a few things in the average home that we all dread touching, but we definitely can't toss out. Things that make the list: plungers (yuck), toilet brushes, and germy sponges to name a few. So how do we deal with these household essentials we don't want to live with, yet can't live without? Easy: upgrade them to one of these stylish and more hygienic alternatives. A toilet brush made from brass and resin and a dish scrubber that won't breed bacteria will help make your most dreaded chores a little more pleasant. Here are five hard-working household essentials that are actually attractive. 

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Credit: West Elm

1 A Discreet (and Stylish!) Toilet Brush

Just because a toilet brush has a dirty job doesn't mean it has to look dingy. Upgrade to this West Elm option, which keeps the brush hidden out of sight. 

To buy: $29,

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2 Ditch the Germy Kitchen Sponge

By now, we all know that traditional kitchen sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria—and "cleaning" them in the microwave simply doesn't work. To take the "ick" factor out of dish washing, upgrade to scrub brushes with bristles instead. This option from Full Circle is not only more hygienic and more stylish than the typical sponge, but it's also an editor favorite

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3 A Sleek, No-Touch Trash Can

For a kitchen trash can that's attractive enough to leave out in the open, opt for for this sleek stainless steel one. It has a step-open so you never have to touch the lid, as well as a freshener system that helps minimize odors. The inner lining conceals the trash bag, so all you see is a smooth, clean-looking exterior. 

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4 A Hidden Plunger

Sure, every bathroom needs a plunger—but there's no reason you need to see it! This plunger comes with a white or black cover that shields it from view, while the base prevents gross toilet water from dripping onto the floor. Just make note of the dimensions before you order, as the 7-by-8 inch base may not fit in smaller bathrooms. 

To buy: $30,

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5 A Non-Gross Compost Bin

A rotting collection of coffee grounds, vegetables peels, and eggshells? It's no wonder compost bins get gross. Luckily, this white ceramic bucket hides the contents from view, while the replaceable charcoal filter helps contain odors. 

To buy: $20,