We put this wine stain removal tool to the test on this week’s episode of Like It or Leave It—and it exceeded expectations.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated June 27, 2019
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As far as stains go, red wine stains may be the worst of them. Whether they happen while you’re figuring out how to open a wine bottle or they strike once you’re a few glasses in, those dark red stains have ruined many a carpet or sofa. Certain stain removal efforts, such as grass stain removal, go pretty easily, but red wine stains tend to linger in a way many other stains don’t.

Fortunately for pinot noir and cabernet aficionados everywhere, though, there’s a spray that can make those red wine stain removal nightmares disappear. On this week’s episode of Like It or Leave It, we put this purportedly miraculous wine spray—Chateau Spill (To buy: $8; amazon.com)—to the test, with positive results.


Chateau Spill,$8; amazon.com.

It may not be totally miraculous—removing a red wine stain with Chateau Spill still took a little patience and elbow grease—but this red wine stain removal method was certainly more successful than our testing comparison, the much-touted club soda remedy. To test the two methods out, we splashed red wine on a white bath mat and t-shirt. One tester used Chateau Spill to attempt to remove the stain, while the other used club soda.

After applying the removal solutions, we washed the items and then compared the results. Chateau Spill was the clear winner. While the stain wasn’t completely gone (though a few more applications probably could have solved the problem), it was markedly lighter than the wine stain cleaned with club soda. Does Chateau Spill mean you can be less careful with your glass of red? Not really—but it can help you reduce the carnage of an accidental spill.

So should you buy Chateau Spill for yourself? It depends on how much red wine you drink at home. At such a low price—and a small size—it’s easy enough to keep a bottle on-hand, just in case, but it’s not a necessity for non-red wine drinkers or those who don’t imbibe at all.

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