The easiest way to tackle tough lipstick stains.

By Andra Chantim and Alexandra Gonzalez Repetto
Updated February 13, 2013
No. You can use it safely after having a cold because that virus should die quickly. Plus, it can’t reinfect you. "Your body has built up antibodies against the virus," says Neil Schachter, a professor of preventive medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center, in New York City. But strep throat is another story. "These bacteria may be able to survive longer," says Schachter. So throw out the lipstick or you may risk reinfection.
Christopher Griffith

“Lipstick got smushed into my deep-pile carpet.”

Monica J., via e-mail

The fix: First use a spoon to scoop up any solids, says Chris Hix, a product-care specialist at Shaw Floors, in Dalton, Georgia. Then dab a tiny amount of cleaning solvent, like WoolClean Dry Spot Remover #2 ($24 for two bottles, 800-367-0462), on a white cotton cloth, says Shawn Bisaillon, the owner of Professional Carpet Systems, in Superior, Colorado. Blot the mark, working from the outside in and alternating between the solvent cloth and a clean towel, until every trace of color has disappeared. Wait a few minutes. Fill a spray bottle with hot water and spritz the area until it’s saturated. Pat with a clean towel.

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