Speed-Clean Your Porch Checklist

With the help of a few key tools—a good sponge, a duster, some microfiber cloths, a push broom, and a scrub brush—you can totally transform your porch in 10 minutes or less.


  1. Check Minutes 1 and 2:

    Move everything from the porch into the yard: chairs, tables, potted plants, and anything else that isn’t nailed down. Drape rugs and mats over a fence or a rail to air them out.

  2. Check Minute 4:

    Using an extendable duster, sweep cobwebs from high corners, overhangs, and shutters.

  3. Check Minute 3:

    With a bucket of warm, soapy water and a large sponge, wipe down furniture, plant pots, and decorative objects.

  4. Check Minutes 5 and 6:

    Rewet the sponge and give wood and metal surfaces (front door, railings, shutters, sills, ironwork, sconces) a once-over. Use a damp microfiber cloth to swipe low windows; follow with a dry cloth.

  5. Check Minute 7:

    Grab the push broom to sweep leaves, dirt, and twigs from the floor. Do the steps last.

  6. Check Minute 8:

    Dip a long-handled scrub brush in the bucket and clean the floor.

  7. Check Minutes 9 and 10:

    When the floor is dry, replace the furniture, rugs, and plants, leaving out anything that shouldn’t have been on the porch in the first place. Now pour yourself a glass of something tall and cold and kick back to admire your work.