It promises to never smell sour—so we put it to the test to find out. 

By Marla Christiansen
Updated December 22, 2017

If a soured sponge has ever left you questioning the cleanliness of your dishes and kitchen, you’re not alone. Supplied with tiny pores and a warm, moist environment, sponges are the ultimate breeding ground for bacteria. And since we learned this year that throwing sponges in the microwave to disinfect isn't as effective as we once thought, a weekly replacement is recommended to keep bacteria at bay—although, personally, this sounds a bit wasteful, not to mention expensive! That’s where the Peachy Clean Antimicrobial Silicone Scrubber ($10) comes in.

Unlike a traditional sponge, this multipurpose scrubber doesn’t hold onto water. It's made from silicone, which is highlypermeable to oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor, but not to water molecules. This allows the sponge to form breathable barriers that keep water from entering while allowing internal moisture to escape. Silicone also offers the added benefit of tough scrubbing action without scratching.

Starting out very stiff, this sponge needs about two days to break in before it’s nice and flexible. Working wonders on dried stuck on food, it was able to scrub off some tough stains on my pots that wouldn’t come off with a traditional sponge, even when coupled with an abrasive powder. As an added bonus, this sponge does not stain—which is a blessing for those times you want to cook with turmeric but not stare at a dingy, yellow sponge for weeks.

With that said, this sponge takes a little to get used to. Initially I felt like it was too porous. I was using a lot more soap in order to work up a good lather and I could see the soap leaking right out of it. A few dishes in, I realized that, unlike a traditional sponge, this scrubber actually suds up much better with little to no water.

What I loved most about this sponge is that within my month of using it, it never got sour. I was even purposely careless with it—not rinsing and wringing it out after each use or sanitizing it at the end of the day—and still no smell. However, it does come with a strong synthetic peach smell that lasts for about two weeks before completely fading (something I personally would rather do without). While made of non-stick silicone, this sponge still has pores which allow small particles of food to occasionally get trapped, so you’ll still need to be diligent about rinsing it out after each use to keep it smelling clean.

Though this scrubber comes with a three-month no-odor warranty, the actual sponge may not last that long. Cleaning for four people in a household that piles up a lot of dishes, this sponge lasted just a month before it started degrading and needed to be replaced. While the Peachy Clean scrubber definitely requires an adjustment period, once you transition, you’ll be using less soap and water and can finally say a forever farewell to that sour smell.