This Robot Mop Does All the Heavy Scrubbing for You—and It's on Sale

You can use it as a floor cleaner or a handheld scrubber.

Samsung JetBot Mop

Let's be honest: Most of us would prefer to lift no more than a finger when it comes to cleaning our floors, instead of hoisting, pushing, and dragging a clunky vacuum around. That's why robot mops and vacuums come in so handy: With the touch of a button, these cleaners get rid of the grime, dirt, and mud that sneakily find their way into the cracks between your floorboards. But when it comes to appliances, the more functions the better. So if you want a robot mop that doubles as a heavy-duty scrubber for your tiled walls, then Samsung's Jetbot is the smart gadget you need.

Not only does the Jetbot work as a powerful robot mop, but it can also be turned into a handheld scrubber that wipes away the grime from walls in bathrooms and kitchens (imagine how handy it'd be for backsplashes). Reviewers at Amazon and Samsung have called it a "fantastic mopping robot" that "does a spectacular job," and even better, the Jetbot is on sale for $70 off now.

Samsung JetBot Mop

To buy: $229 (was $300); or

Here's how the Jetbot works: Using the company's Dual Spin technology, two pads attached to the Jetbot spin at a fast rate while the robot itself turns and moves around the room. Its smart sensor system detects walls, furniture, stairs, and even carpets, so the robot mop won't fall down steps or get your spot-clean-only rugs wet.

It comes with eight cleaning modes such as "focus mode" that concentrates on a particular area, "manual mode" that allows you to control the robot with a remote, and "edge mode" that deep cleans the edges of your walls.

To turn the robot into a handheld scrubber, simply set the robot mop to manual mode and lift it onto bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplashes, or glass panels that you want to deep-clean. When fully charged, the robot mop can run for 100 minutes, so it should be able to go through multiple rooms in one go. The pads on the Jetbot are washable, too, and its reservoir can also take water-based floor cleaning solutions.

Samsung JetBot Mop

One Amazon reviewer called the Jetbot an "amazing" product that "actually gets the job done and saves [them] the labor," adding, "unlike other mop robots, the pads spin, in addition to the mop spinning itself, to give it a nice clean. You can target difficult spots or choose specific cleaning styles with the remote."

Another shopper even preferred it over their iRobot 240 Braava Jet. "Although it doesn't have a virtual wall feature, which I really want, it gets the job done way more thoroughly than the iRobot 240 because of its more advanced sensors and navigation algorithm," said the reviewer.

So if you're in the middle of spring cleaning and can't be bothered to mop up your floors yourself, grab the Jetbot instead—while it's on sale.

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