Simple devices keep toxic products off-limits to children.

By Christine Camean and Jennifer Jafarzadeh
Updated August 31, 2004
Michele Gastl

The safest storage solution is to keep cleaning supplies completely out of children's reach. When that's not possible, a magnetic lock mounted on the inside of the cabinet door, like the one pictured here (Safety 1st Cabinet Hinge, about $18; go to for store locations), is the next-best option.

When you close the cabinet door, it locks automatically. To unlock it, you pass a magnetized "key" across the front of the cabinet. To disarm it, you flip the red lever inside. Interior cabinet latches require installation. If you're not handy with a screwdriver, a childproofing service can install locks and perform a safety assessment of your entire house. Contact the International Association for Child Safety (, 888-677-4227) to find a service near you.